Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hydra Slayer 13.1

The new version of Hydra Slayer is released!

With this version, Hydra Slayer joins the Roguelike Incubator, a project where several roguelike developers aid each other (by giving mutual feedback and other help) with the goal of producing a bundle of polished and accessible roguelikes, in order to promote smaller roguelikes.

We are aiming to have a polished bundle by September, but if you want to try it already, you are welcome to play and give feedback. Have fun!

And here is the full list of changes:

  • NotEye is now integrated into Hydra Slayer. You no longer have to download something else to play Hydra Slayer. Also, integration means that it is run as a single project (running Hydra Slayer from NotEye sometimes caused bugs and looked strange on Windows). This integration allows the tile engine to access Hydra Slayer directly, allowing things which was previously impossible, like drawing all things which are present on the given cell.
  • Steam-style achievements. They were previously available in the Android version, but now they have also joined the desktop version (although they are local only).
  • Added the Tutorial, which explains what the game is about to the new players.
  • Cheat modes. From the save/quit menu you can get two cheats: Auto-Attack and Backup. Backup simply eliminates permadeath, and Auto-Attack executes the best attacks automatically (based on the algorithm used by the Potion of Knowledge).
  • Added music from Rogue Bard.
  • Scroll of Reforging description now shows how it will affect the currently selected weapon, as well as its smaller and larger counterparts
  • Three new artifact weapons (two of them are more useful for the early game, so there is a chance of finding them early)
  • The default geometry has been changed to 4-directional (most people seem to use laptops nowadays).
  • You can now get Help by pressing '/' or F1, and the save/quit menu by pressing F2 or F10.
  • Item/weapon/monster descriptions now have better backgrounds
  • Added the window title.
  • Added an icon (and file description) to the Windows executable.
  • Added nice stun animations to the graphical version.
  • Changed colors: darkblue is now lighter (it was hard to see), and golden replaces yellow (it represented golden weapons and hydras anyway).
  • Added a new font (and set it as a default), so Hydra Slayer starts in 800x600 resolution, and a bit more tiles fit on the screen.
  • Using rune of growth on mushrooms no longer causes a crash.
  • Fixed mouse clicks in Help.
  • Ctrl+M is shown in Help.
  • Saves on 64-bit systems were not compatible with 32-bit, that is fixed (without breaking backward compatibility).
  • Now can view recordings from inside the game; networking removed from the integrated version
  • Configure the default graphical mode via config.noe.
  • You can now change the sound and music volume.
  • Backgrounds in the mini-tile mode
  • Fixed a minor bug with twins' vorpal weapons
No update to the Android version for now (hopefully it will be released in September, together with the bundle).

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