Sunday, 22 July 2012

Hydra Slayer 13.7 and NotEye 5.6

And yet another joint update. Do not worry, no new versions planned soon, unless something is very wrong :) I will have other things to do...

Direct download link (but better download 5.7)

Hydra Slayer 13.7:
  • Fixed bugs with the 'full information' which displayed hydras incorrectly and caused crashes.
  • Fixed some graphical bugs with non-animated one-headed hydras (their head disappeared somehow) and 6-headed hydras (they had holes in them).
  • Hydra Slayer adds statistics about auto-explore, auto-attacks, and alien killing. Also some special hydras were not counted in "hydras killed", this is fixed.
  • You can now quit Hydra-Slayer with Esc. It also handles the close window button (via NotEye).
  • You can now break auto-explore by pressing 'o' again. The screen is refreshed during auto-explore (NotEye-curses handles refresh and getch more correctly now). Mushrooms are automatically destroyed during auto-explore if there are no more hydras.
  • Auto-attacks now works correctly with ambidexterity.
  • Configuration (manual fire, alt-keys, quickmode, simplehydras) is now kept when pressing 'n' for new game.

NotEye 5.6:
  • Additional choices of key layouts. You can now choose WASD, QWEADZXC, or pseudo-VI keys.
  • Users can also now specify their own key remappings in config.noe.
  • Some bugs related to auto-rotation of directional keys were fixed (for example, arrow keys did not work correctly in inventory in Hydra Slayer when in ISO or FPP modes).
  • Some keys in the NotEye menu are more natural now.
  • Updated the version information in Windows executables.

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