Tuesday, 3 November 2015

HyperRogue 8.0 on Steam, and HyperRogue 7.4 for free!

HyperRogue 8.0 is released on Steam!

The Overgrown Woods is a new woodland, with its own kind of Ivy, which grows very fast.

The Land of Storms is a land where you have to create a short circuit out of monsters, to kill them and collect treasure.

In the Pure tactics mode, you concentrate on a specific land. Your goal to obtain as high score as possible, without using features of the other lands. You can then compare your score with your friends! There is a leaderboard for it -- currently, only the total score is compared, but land-specific pure scores are going to be added in the future.

There are many possible solutions to the Yendor Quest. In the Yendor Challenge, you will try many of them! Each challenge takes part in a specific land, and you have to use what you have available. You need to obtain an Orb of Yendor in the normal game to activate this challenge, and (ever) collect 10 treasures in one or two lands to activate a specific level. After you complete each challenge, you can try it again, on a harder difficulty level.

The Wild West. Take a revolver, and kill outlaws for bounties. Since this land is anachronistic, it is not available in the normal game (it is available in the Euclidean, Random Pattern, and Pure Tactics modes).


Also, T-shirts and other items in the CafePress shop have been recently updated with designs based on the new lands. If you like HyperRogue, please consider buying one! :)

More changes

  • paper model creator added (as discussed in the last post).
  • You can now find Orb of Yendor as a prize orb in the Whirlpool (it is possible to retrieve it), and trapdoors have been slightly tweaked in the Palace while you are on the Yendor quest.
  • Fjord Trolls (as well as two new species of Troll) now create different walls than Cave Trolls, with a bit different properties.
  • Multi-HP monsters generated in the Crossroads now work correctly.
  • A bit more Pirates in the Ocean.
  • Added help text to Euclidean and Shmup modes. It is now easier to exit the Euclidean menu.
  • Added ranged orb text to more orbs.
  • You no longer get three lives by picking up an Orb of Safety in the shump mode.
  • Monsters pushed off Rock III with Orb of Air/pushing attack are now killed (except birds and skeletons). You can now also use the Orb of the Frog to jump on high rocks.
  • Improvements in the Random Pattern Mode. The Emerald-based random patterns have been improved. Added patterns based on circles. Floor pictures are now randomly assigned (Zebra/Emerald/Tower pattern are used only when the underlying pattern matches). Codes are displayed on the screen, allowing you to recognize the underlying pattern (and potentially share with the developer).
  • Coordinates are given when cheat mode is on in Euclidean.
  • fixed the scrolling in the quit screen (sometimes the messages were already scrolled when the game ended, which could cause you to miss the final message in Princess Challenge/Hardcore)
  • Orb of Storms now kills sharks in adjacent cells

7.4 for free

Also, HyperRogue 7.4 is released for free! Compared to the last free version (6.x), you can now enjoy the 13 new lands including the sealands, the Ivory Tower, and the Princess Quest, cooperative Shoot'em up mode, and map/graphics editor. Have fun! In patches 8.0a-8.0m:
  • (8.0a) Added missing text to translations.
  • Added the Czech translation.
  • Added non-dry description for the trees.
  • Stunned Pikemen and Flail Guards can be attacked normally now (but stunned Flail Guards don't hit themselves).
  • Mutant Ivies interact with Vines (just like normal Ivies).
  • balanced the Great Walls in the Land of Storms (generated horocycles made great walls less likely to appear).
  • fixed the Camelot bug mentioned by tricosahedron above
  • (8.0c) fixed the pause screen clicking
  • updated the Russian translation
  • Orbs and Hyperstones incorrectly appeared in the pure tactics mode in Ivory Tower/Ocean, this is fixed
  • (8.0d) Orb of Aether is again affected by Orb of Time; also, previously Orb of Time drained at full speed while you had an Orb of Shield (which is not protected from draining)
  • Pure tactic and Yendor Challenge now have separate scoreboards in case if you enable shmup, coop shmup, and/or Euclidean mode (local only)
  • Attacks of mimics which cause stunning now work correctly
  • Fixed the whirlpool and Camelot glitches mentioned by Vipul
  • Key in the Ocean appears on a small island again (I like the idea of having to fish for it... but I think it is better with an island after all)
  • (8.0e) Yendor Challenges and Pure Tactics Mode now actually work in Euclidean. Also, the Euclidean Yendor Challenge is less stupid than before (the path is no longer in one of the cardinal directions)
  • also, separate local scoreboards are added for hardcore Yendor/PTM
  • Yendor challenge scores included only wins from the current version, this is fixed
  • the second Whirlpool bug shown by Vipul above should be fixed
  • the Minefield Yendor Challenge now finishes in the Icy Land (so that it is no longer impossible that the Key is unreachable)
  • The Living Fjord has been added to the Yendor Challenge (monster generation rules on the path are tweaked)
  • Runs with score 0 are no longer counted for the Pure Tactics Mode (this change works retroactively)
  • Orb of Aether and Shield are now always marked as used in the Land of Storms (not a proper fix, but it should be good enough for now)
  • Subtle color changes have been added to the Ocean coast
  • the troll from the Living Caves is now named consistently
  • (8.0f) Global high scores are now displayed in the pure tactics menu.
  • 'pure tactics mode' title
  • Orb of Discord now works in the shmup mode.
  • Pirates/vikings now can carry items on their boats (invisible to the player, though).
  • Turn-based elements worked incorrectly in coop shmup while carrying an Orb of Speed, this is fixed (they worked in turns where OoS had an even number of charges, but in coop, OoS drops by two charges per turn, causing weird effects).
  • Save fixes: the number of saves is now recorded correctly, also fixed the possibly buggy reading of saves from an old version, and enabled the save tampering protection.
  • Leaderboard entries updated to contain the data related to the newer lands.
  • fixed Tirear's bug with incorrectly named treasures.
  • Fixed the Orb of Space multiplying powerstones. Also, the Orb of Space is now drained when it is used on a glass cabinet.
  • mines outside of the Minefield now blink.
  • if you collect a huge amount of Ambers, Albatrosses are generated on the open sea (all scores in the pure tactics mode for Ocean have been removed).
  • In some cases, monster generation was not affected by Orbs of Yendor collected, potentially allowing collecting many OoY easily -- this should be fixed (sharks in Cocytus, sharks/parrots in the Caribbean, pirates/sharks in the open Ocean, seeps everywhere, vikings/water elementals in the Living Fjord, Albatross on the coast, Tower and RRV monsters).
  • danger is now affected not only by collected Orbs of Yendor, but also by paths you have walked without collecting the Orb of Yendor -- this is to prevent strategies such as bringing many OoY together, and then unlocking all of them together. (This kicks in after walking more than two paths, and is nullified by taking an Orb of Safety.)
  • (8.0g) Scores for Yendor/PTM got missing in the last update, this should be fixed.
  • Scores for the PTM removed due to the balance change update when you play in PTM (not only when you raise your score, as in 8.0f).
  • Fixed a bug with Yendor hardness (an uninitialized variable sometimes caused an extreme spike of difficulty after touching an Orb of Yendor).
  • (8.0h) Magic Mirror now appears as the Mirror Land reward in the World Overview
  • after 8.0g PTM scores disappeared in Linux, this is fixed
  • higher level victories in the Ocean Yendor Challenge are nullified (if obtained in version < 8.0f)
  • Mutant Saplings generated while the land was still easy should now disappear when it becomes tougher (just like bomberbird eggs, but without hatching)
  • made the Overgrown Woods a bit easier (it seems it was too hard) -
  • by halving the effect of collected Saplings on tree density
  • obsolete scores by other players no longer appear in the in-game PTM highscore
  • (8.0i) Two new achievements.
  • You can now attack Viziers in the extra turn given to you by the Orb of Speed.
  • Flail Guards now kill themselves if they try to attack an Illusion.
  • Shmup fixes: Metal Beasts are no longer killed by your attacks, Thumpers can no longer be pushed into monsters.
  • Individual scores are now displayed in Yendor Challenge (as well as in PTM).
  • Your scores in Yendor/PTM are downloaded from Steam, so you can finish some lands/challenges on one computer, and some on another. (In case of PTM, this is just the sum for each land, not the whole history.)
  • Added some texts to translations.
  • (8.0j) One possible cause of Storms-related crashes fixed.
  • In the Ivory Tower challenge, Great Walls are no longer generated inside the Ivory Tower.
  • No more missing Great Walls on the barriers separating Elemental planes.
  • Whirpool now gets harder with more Orbs of Yendor collected.
  • Magic Boat direction fixed.
  • Added some texts to translations. Added some translated achievement names.
  • The Android version should be also updated soon.
  • (8.0k) The problems with the leaderboards should be fixed.
  • You no longer count as conductor outside of Land of Storms (this bug nearly caused a gameover in Sprite Guard's video).
  • Winter Witches were not placed correctly as guards for the Land of Power -- Evil Golems were created, causing weird messages about burning and sometimes a possibility to enter without any orbs
  • Setting a frozen lake in Icy Land on fire turned it to fire, instead of hot water -- this is fixed.
  • Using some ranged Orbs now disables your invisibility for one or more turns.
  • (8.0l) Fixed the cheats: Shift+C, Ctrl+A.
  • Friends no longer keep attacking stunned metal beasts.
  • Added "You construct some Elemental Gems!" to translations.
  • Activating Map Editor (via menu or Shift+A) resets the ghost timer.
  • Reflected lightnings no longer destroy the boat you are on.
  • Orb of Aether was not considered "used" while you were standing inside a wall.
  • Greater Demons now can be killed with fireballs in the shmup mode.
  • In the coop shmup mode, both players can detect mines now.
  • Hyperstone Quest information in the ESC screen is not displayed correctly.
  • (8.0m) Thanks to TheGons, The German translation has been updated to 8.0!
  • For consistency with other Trolls, Dark Trolls now create "rubble" when killed (this should not affect pure Dead Caves, but it has some interactions)
  • For some people, Whirlpool Yendor challenge appeared as completed incorrectly -- this should be fixed
  • Camelot is now allowed to appear in Crossroads III
  • The unlocked status for Orb of Trickery/Love is now displayed correctly in the World Overview
  • Demon sharks and Aether/Winter Witches sometimes generated the confused message (or killed the player in Hardcore mode) incorrectly, this is fixed
  • Keys no longer appear on unstable floors in the Zebra ("gargoyle floor" is used to stabilize the Key)
  • You no longer can kill a Hedgehog Warrior if this allows a Pikeman to kill you
  • Wandering monsters should no longer start stunned in some situations (such as after killing Mutant Ivy in the same location)
  • In the Wild West, if you try to move in the given direction and cannot because of an Outlaw, you shoot him automatically (useful for keyboard players)
  • Chasm cells now count as isolators
  • You can no longer continue standing on a Trapdoor/LoEM after your Orb of Aether expires