Sunday, 15 July 2012

NotEye 5.3 and Hydra Slayer 13.4

And even more changes! A release of Necklace of the Eye 5.3 and Hydra Slayer 13.4 is hereby announced. The biggest change is probably support for three more games (nLarn, Rogue, and NetHack), using RLTiles.

Hydra Slayer:
  • Vampires renamed to Vultures, improved the description for the Powder of Decapitation, fixed the Alien hydras description
  • Titans are now able to tell the effect of their reforging (and get a confirmation when picking up)
  • Daughters of Echidna nerfed a bit (potions of ambidexterity are now required to affect several scrolls at once, instead of healing you)
  • Removed the double confirmation when reforging
  • Fixed some bugs with Hydra Slayer streaming (and also streaming in general)
  • Double mini-tiles option. This option produces tiles of size of two ASCII characters; such map is drawn in the roguelike's usual map area. This means that you can see half of the level. This is a reasonable compromise between the tiny minitiles and large tiles which show just a small portion of the screen.
  • Added RLTiles to be used in games.
  • Curses mode no longer requires an X server in Linux.
  • Fixed some bugs in the interpretation of ANSI console codes, which fixes some problems in Linux (also the bell works now).
  • Faster Linux console (was hard to run DoomRL previously)
  • Exits more cleanly if unable to set any graphics mode.
  • Included music is now played in all games (except DoomRL and PRIME, because they have their own music or do not match). Also users can use their own playlist in config.noe.
  • When a sound is not found, simply ignore it
  • Fixed a bug with directional keys not working occassionally if we played one game and switched to another
  • Fixed F1-F5 keys in Linux
  • Fixed Ctrl+ keys in Windows
  • Fullscreen (Alt+Enter) works in the main menu.
  • Now all three keys (F4, Ctrl+M, Ctrl+]) invoke the NotEye menu, unless disabled by the specific config due to a comflict. Also should work better in non-Qwerty layouts.
  • Brogue menu option '.' should now work in other keyboard layouts
Running games:
  • Added support of three new games: Rogue, nLarn, and NetHack. Rogue and nLarn are almost completely covered by RLTiles.
  • Improved the directory structure. Generic scripts are in the "common" subdirectory, and game-specific configurations are in the "games" subdirectory.
  • Improved the caller scripts. Should be more clear now.
  • An option to always call the game manually (config.noe).
  • Refactored tile configurations. Some functions were copied (exactly or with minor changes) between DoomRL, ADOM, Drakefire Chasm, and the three new configs. Generic functions have been provided for these things, which makes configs shorter and more legible.
  • NotEye menu has some hidden options for tileset developers: reload the script files (F5), explore RLTiles, Vapor tiles and font (F6), and examine coordinates, ASCII codes and colors (F7).
  • Improved the way of installing NotEye in Linux. Some things work better now (a special caller script, saves screenshots to current directory, no longer changes directory unless needed)
  • More details in readme.txt.
Have fun with three more games!

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