Sunday, 18 September 2011

Small update to VoI

A small update: hex mode looks great but the eight-directional mode was not displayed correctly, this is fixed now.

Vapors of Insanity 0.52 (third preview)

The time of ARRP 2011 has come, and time to release a new version. Thus, a new version of Vapors of Insanity is released!

As you can see on the screenshot, the game now correctly displays hexes (as hexes, not as bricks), this is prettier and hopefully less confusing. Also a small icon shows health state and facing of all creatures (well, in this particular screenshot, only the player character). As for more changes...

  • Reworked the 'use' command. It now includes relevant usages which were previously considered usages of different objects. It also returns automatically after performing an use. Thus, if you are robbing a body and want to search the backpack, wield its weapon and wear its armor yourself, read the map, drink the potion right away,  pick up or pocket some other items, then the 'use' command will allow you to do it more comfortably. Icons are added for some usages. Right clicking on the map now performs 'use'.
  • Wands: Fixed some wands. Pocketed wands now recharge mana.
  • Removed the copy of vapors.ini from config subdirectory (only the one in the main directory is used, which was confusing).
  • Pressing up/down (or diagonals in the 4-directional mode) does more reasonable things now.
  • Mutations: Changed probabilities of mutations. Mutagen potion. Mutant monsters now can be found randomly. Some mutations need to be identified.
  • A spell with a big object bound now has as a big missile (thus it always hits creatures and cannot be shot through windows).
  • Introduction story now mentions that you should go Southeast.
  • Staves: there were some problems with enchanted staves, these are fixed. Runes of elemental brand.
  • AI now can shoot through terrain features which block movement (but it still cannot go around them).
  • Gems can contain enchantments now (as they were supposed to). The verb 'rub' is now used for touching with items (not with your body) instead.
  • Display: Your damage is now displayed in the classical way (100/100 means full health). Damage percentage is displayed for other beings.
  • Monsters: less cats, giant crabs appear, greater chance of weaker races to appear (especially for humanoids). Harpies are humanoids now as they were supposed to be. Melissans now start with a skill in stinging (similar for other races with interesting body attacks). Floating eyes now come in different flavors, which have shuffled colors.
  • Map generation: Wells now contain some monsters and items (also going down them has been fixed), some minor treasures appear in beast lairs too. Fixed some huts generating inaccessible furniture. Materials for floors, walls, furniture, and roofs are now chosen with different distributions; also theme-dependant. Honeydew appears in formican farmers' inventories and farms. Potions more frequent. All floor runes are named 'floor rune' now. Hybrids now appear (they were implemented, but had no chance to appear). Featured hybrids: five randomly generated monsters which appear commonly. Some fixes and better icons. Furniture now has more reasonable weights (and hit methods).
  • Fields a bit more interesting: they block vision, (slightly) missiles, and movement (although wielding a relevant weapon helps here).
  • Books: different colors and images on covers. Updated the final chapters (which were not consistent with the game). Skills learned from books now work correctly right away without reloading. Other fixes.
  • Many fixes with attacking, font is centered, 3D renderer, display, engine, descriptions. 
Get it here!

I expect the development rate will drop now... But as always, if you have any ideas for improvements, please send them to me, this will probably make the next include the suggestion, and be released faster :)