Saturday, 22 February 2014

NotEye 7.5: TPP, samples, 7DRL invitation, and more!

After more than four months, a new version of NotEye is ready!

hydra-tpp.png brogue-tpp.png
nlarn-tpp.png adom-tpp.png
NotEye 7.5 has a new graphical mode (TPP). Since you can configure the camera angle, facing direction, and zoom, this is in fact several modes in one! Also, NotEye's fullscreen mode behaves in a more pleasant way (it keeps the current resolution, instead of changing it to the window resolution -- it can be configured to use the old behavior, too). Also, a new font was added (Wouter van Oortmerssen's Square font for roguelikes).

Moreover, NotEye is now friendly to developers using many different languages. Not only the support for C++ (namespaces) and C (NotEye header correctly compiles under a C comiler) has been improved, but also NotEye now includes samples in Free Pascal, Python, Java, and Lua. All of these examples (except Lua) show many basic features: PC, monsters, smooth animation, error handling (just reload the Lua files on Lua errors). All of the five sample games are very simple, but at least they are at least a bit different :)

Since the 7DRL challenge is coming, I invite the participants to use NotEye for their 7DRL this year. See here for more details.

Direct download link: NotEye 7.5+Hydra Slayer 15.5, Roguelike Bundle 1.3

Some more changes:
  • Several options were added: Projectile speed, Backgrounds, Detail/violence levels (for disabling drawing of CPU-intensive details or blood). These options work for games which support them.
  • Arrow keys can be used to change music/sound and detail/violence levels. Instant feedback when changing music/sound volume.
  • All configs, recordings, screenshots etc. are now stored in the 'user' subdirectory; default config is included (in 'common') and copied there.
  • 'copy error message to a file' in the crash menu.
  • Auto-recording now can be selected from the menu (not only from the config file).
  • Auto-logging. If you wanted to know how much time you spend playing roguelikes for some reason, now you can.
  • Menus are now more colorful.
  • Removed ADOM and PRIME from the menu - these games use NotEye, just download and run them.
  • The NotEye Menu has been rearranged a bit. Fixed the message to 'press ENTER to resume playing' while in a game.
  • Fixed the system terminal mode (it did not work in NotEye 7.3 due to changes).
  • Gamescript files now provide their NotEye version (for backward compatibility in the future).
  • In Hydra Slayer source, BFS is called bfs() instead of dfs().
  • The palette display now works with all fonts (uses filled blocks instead of characters).
  • Added some utility functions in the Lua scripts (sendvector, keyname).
  • Renamed some functions in the NotEye header to make it clear that they belong to NotEye; also, for colors, the type 'noteyecolor' is used instead of 'int'. Added some new utility functions (noteye_lastkeyevent_* for examining the details of keypresses which do not resolve to characters, Lua-callable functions now can return nested arrays and Lua tables).
  • Bounding boxes are calculated for tiles, which should make the pictures draw faster.
  • A minor fix in backward compatibility.