Wednesday, 28 January 2015

HyperRogue development on Steam

HyperRogue is already on Steam for 99 cents, and it is quite successful! Mostly positive reviews, some discussion, and many high scores in the Leaderboard.

Also, it has received some updates! Two new lands have been included, Cocytus and Dry Forest, and they are based on new, interesting mechanics which did not appear in previous versions. A system has been set up for localization, and Polish and Turkish translations are ready (contact me if you want to help translating into more languages). And there have been many other improvements to the user interface, game balance, and gameplay.

These are available in the Steam version now -- the free version, and the mobile versions, will be updated later. Also the complete changelog will be posted on the blog then.

Whether you are playing HyperRogue on Steam, or waiting for the free or mobile version, don't let yourself drown in Cocytus or burn in the Dry Forest, and have fun!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

HyperRogue coming soon to Steam!

HyperRogue is coming soon to Steam!
The gameplay is exactly the same as in the free version (and it will stay so), but you get access to achievements, online leaderboards, and the convenience of Steam.

Last but not least, you also support the development of HyperRogue :)

All for a very low price (under 1 USD).

At first, HyperRogue on Steam is going to be available for Windows and Linux—I am planning to work on the OSX version later.

Have fun!