Wednesday, 11 July 2012

NotEye 5.2 and Hydra Slayer 13.3

Necklace of the Eye has been mentioned in the Roguelike Radio, as a potential way of adding tiles to ADOM. On the other hand, I got some useful feedback about Hydra Slayer 13.2 (thanks Ancient!).

These are very good reasons for an update! Since the two projects have essentially been merged into one, I provide a single all-in-one package which includes both Hydra Slayer and NotEye. Moreover, it includes both Windows executables and sources which should compile on Linux.

These changed apply to both NotEye and Hydra Slayer:
  • fixed problems with the cursor
  • fixed ASCII animations in integrated roguelikes (like Hydra Slayer)
  • you can now run "make install" to install Hydra Slayer and NotEye in your Linux system for all users
  • (technical) fixed the location of lua5.1 include files
  • "-N --ascii" option runs NotEye and Hydra Slayer in ASCII
Specific to Hydra Slayer 13.3:
  • redesigned the inventory menu
  • fixed some typos
  • explained better what Potions of Knowledge do about bloody hydras
  • fixed useless targetting signs which appeared outside the map
  • fixed the ASCII animation breaking the hex mode
  • fixed the delay after trying to reforge an item which is not reforgable
  • hydras are now shown as multi-digit numbers in the hex mode, even on the edges of the screen
  • special colors for ivy and arch-hydras
  • should now be possible to re-run Hydra Slayer in NotEye
  • "wounds from shadow hydras" now appear after shadow hydras killed
  • removed the ASCII animation for stunned shadow hydras
  • (technical) fixed some compilation troubles in other versions of gcc
Specific to NotEye 5.2:
  • provided titles for the window
  • added icon and version information for NotEye.exe
  • You can have both integrated and external roguelikes; it is possible to integrate console roguelikes with NotEye by making them use NotEye's implementations of curses functions. This alternative to Curses, Libtcod etc. makes them run nicely on modern OSes, and gives access to NotEye's special features, like 24-bit colors, graphics, scriptable interface, and much more. (in progress)
  • you can run hydraslayer externally or internally (from config.noe)
  • a minor explanation about running Brogue
  • improved the caller script for Linux
  • fixed some bugs with the Linux console (although some still remain, "ansidebug" to debug them)
  • added a very basic config for PRIME (only set the map region, mostly)
  • NotEye 5.2 includes some some updates from Hydra Slayer 13.1 and 13.2, namely: music support, a new font, view recording from inside the game, change the sound and music volume, README.txt, mouse in the NotEye menu, activate the NotEye menu via F4


  1. Looks really great. When I pick up potions, they get used right away instead of getting put in my inventory. Same with vases.

  2. Think you might add configs for Infra Arcana, Rogue, and Nethack/unnethack? Maybe Nlarn? Would this work with Quickband/ironband or any current angband builds?

  3. Thanks!

    Maybe you are playing as a Titan? They are unable to carry potions and vases. Other races can carry only a limited number of weapons. (Press "I" for inventory, if you see weapons then you are a Titan)

    You are right, I should add a config of Rogue. It has a relatively limited number of items and monsters, so I could make a complete config with tiles :)

    NLarn is also a good idea (although I have some problems running NLarn 0.7.2 for Windows... maybe I would have to compile a Curses executable myself).

    For NetHack there are other graphical interfaces available, so I think it is not essential. I have looked at it and I had some problems, but I do not remember whether it was something crucial or I was just lazy (it draws maps differently than most other roguelikes, with # for corridors and -| for walls).

    For Angband: I don't know if they went far with it. It would be probably better to create a more complete tileset anyway, and that would require some work.

    Unfortunately Infra Arcana currently draws its text/graphics on its own, instead of using Curses or Libtcod. It is open source, so one could add a Curses interface, hopefully without much problem. But still, it would require some work.