Friday, 29 July 2011

Vapors of Insanity preview

This is the first release of my big roguelike, named Vapors of Insanity. It is intended to be a major roguelike. It already has lots of features, but probably also lots of bugs, imbalances, and other bad stuff. Check it out at your own risk! :)

Vapors of Insanity is a roguelike game set on a paradise island of Fortarica, where the common Humans, mighty Dwarves and Orcs, insect-like Melissans and Formicans, and many more people lived in peace and harmony... until now. One day, you wake up, and see magical fog everywhere around you, and every man and beast around seems to become a mindless machine, wanting only to kill you! The only way to find the source of the problem is to fight the crazy beasts, hoping that you will find a way to remove the vapors, and the beasts will be sane again... Will you be able to win?

Vapors of Insanity features:
  • A big three-dimensional world, consisting of a big variety of outdoor, building, and underground locations.
  • You can play both in hex and orthogonal mode.
  • An original spell system, where you can build complicated spells using simpler spells as components.
  • Also original skill/experience and fighting systems.
  • Many hopefully interesting magical gadgets that can be found.
  • A variety of creatures and items to find: about 150 types of items, 150 species of monsters and plants, 150 materials (including potions), 150 types of magical runes, 80 skills and spells; some of them are parametrized. These include both the standard high fantasy stuff and more original ideas.
  • Graphics that are supposed to not only have the advantages of a graphical display (better aesthetics, accessibility for new players), but also the roguelikes' classical ASCII display (clarity, allowing one to use imagination, simplicity of creation of new monsters and items). An ASCII mode is also provided for SSH access, and other hardcore ASCII fans.
For developers:
  • Most of the game written in a special scripting language called VaporGS, allowing developers to create new modules, which can be simply placed in an appropriate game to modify the game somehow; these can range from minor additions (and you should be able to easily use several such additions at one time, if there are no obvious conflicts); they can be also provided as either open source (for educational purposes), or as closed source (if you want to have hidden secrets)
  • The language is based on a extension of the Object Oriented paradigm, where objects can modify other objects by providing additional methods to them (like a ring of flying providing a flying ability to the wearer, but this paradigm has been applied in many various ways)
(Note: the development tools and the script sources are not yet available in the current release)

Get Vapors of Insanity here

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hydra Slayer for Android update (12.6)

OK, I have finally decided to look for the bug which caused Hydra Slayer for Android to freeze and close sometimes (quite often, actually). Apparently the bug was caused because of my misunderstanding of JNI (I didn't know I have to call DeleteLocalRef).

Also the game runs faster now due to an optimization in transferring the screen data from JNI to Android.

For non-Android users, there is just one small bug fixed (auto-explore mode sometimes worked incorrectly).

Download Hydra Slayer for Android from the Android Market, or the PC version here.

Friday, 22 July 2011



Given that I am currently running several projects related to roguelikes, I have decided to start a blog in order to have a better place to post updates, and get feedback about them. Possibly I will also put some roguelike reviews (although I would probably prefer IRLDb for reviews of individual games, but maybe a blog would be a good place for multi-reviews) or some generic thoughts about the roguelike world (but for that I would probably prefer the RogueTemple forums).

My projects have been listed on my homepage, but for completeness I also list them here:
  • Hydra Slayer - a fantasy roguelike mixed with a mathematical puzzle, which also notably has an Android version
  • Necklace of the Eye - a frontend for playing roguelikes, allowing players using new MS Windows systems to enjoy ASCII roguelikes looking just like they would look in DOS, which is very hard to do otherwise nowadays; also can be used to view ASCII roguelikes in a tiles or FPP mode (unfortunately not many roguelikes have reasonable tilesets for NotEye), and several other minor features
  • IRLDb - a database of roguelikes, allowing to search for roguelikes meeting specific criteria, and also to rate them and do mini-reviews
  • IVAN 3D - my old creation, uses the tiles from IVAN to create a FPP view
OK, that's enough for an introduction. Now get back to work! :)