Sunday, 3 March 2013

NotEye 6.7 + Hydra Slayer 14.7: First Person Hex

Hydra Slayer in the Hex First Person Perspective
Yet another small update to both NotEye and Hydra Slayer.

The following things have been improved in NotEye 6.7:
  • When you choose the viewing mode before starting a game, it will be used each time. This is useful for roguelikes where you have to restart after each character. Also the config file is more versatile now regarding this.
  • Fixed a bug with the built-in terminal emulator (this bug caused messages to overlap while playing Crawl on Linux)
  • Freeformparams now have additional parameter, "side" (should we also display it when looking at it from the back? usually we do not want this, as these are the back sides of the walls etc., but sometimes we do) and "shiftdown" (should we shift the images to put the bottommost pixel of the image on the ground?)
  • FPP parameters now allow more control. Use (dx, dy, dz) to move the eye position slightly (I have moved it to the front, which sometimes allow us to see more). Use (objpush, monpush) to tell how much the objects and the monsters should be shifted. Use (xz, yz) for non-square grids.
As for Hydra Slayer 14.7:
  • Ambidextrous attacks now check for collapse (thanks to CCC for reporting this)
  • Hex no longer uses the far left/right columns (that was ugly)
  • The Brownian level generator did not work in the Hex mode
  • Some wrapping levels did not display correctly in the Hex mode
  • First-person perspective in the Hex mode (yes, non-square grids are useful!)
Download NotEye 6.7 + Hydra Slayer 14.7

Have fun slaying more Hydras!