Wednesday, 19 September 2012

ARRP news

I was planning to release the new version of HS+NE on the ARRP, but unfortunately, my testers were too busy working on their own games, and I was unable to improve the latest version, due to not enough feedback about the new graphical style. I was quite busy, too. Hopefully I will get some feedback soon, and I will release the new version, finally :)

On the other hand, Psiweapon and Michał "Ancient" Bieliński have recently released PRIME, using NotEye as a graphical renderer. Great to finally have NotEye successfully used by someone other than me. And a great roguelike too. I heavily recommend it :)

Good luck!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Exciting times

The ADOM crowdfunding campaign became a great success. One of the major roguelikes got $90000 for its resurrection. Congratulations to Thomas for a great campaign! And I am very happy to be a part of it. I have learned a lot about marketing and graphics (Hydra Slayer should look better from now).

I have also put HyperRogue III on Steam Greenlight. I am not very serious about it, but I got some new players, and it generated some interesting discussion, so I think it was a very good idea.

In two weeks, ARRP will come, and we will release the Roguelike Bundle. I have got some useful feedback from Ancient and Darren Grey, and I am releasing the new versions of NotEye and Hydra Slayer.

NotEye 5.9:
  • Improved handling of out-of-map cells in the ISO mode
  • Minimap can use a different border color
  • Added some basic info to README.txt
  • Fixed the problem with HOME and END keys
  • Changed NotEye's transparency key checking to match the behavior of SDL
  • Fixed the mirror images of floors (spFree) in the FPP mode
  • NotEye's Curses routines are no longer hardcoded to 80x24 screen

Hydra Slayer 13.9:
  • Changed the palette in Hydra Slayer to a more tasteful one (you can press F8 to get the original, although it won't react immediately, and is not documented)
  • Changed the floor color to brown
  • In Hydra Slayer, unseen cells are now dark gray instead of black; and parts of the map which are outside of the level are a brighter shade of gray (they no longer look like walls)
  • Added shadows for items, objects, and walls
  • Improved the minimap colors (the background is no longer black, has a frame)
  • Tiles changed for PC and scrolls
  • A special picture for Centaur and Echidna PCs
  • You no longer get a huge menu when you start the game. Race selection is a separate menu now
  • Added an option to open another savefile, or rename the savefile
  • The game now automatically goes to the main menu when the PC is dead
  • However, it is possible to resume game, and theoretically it is even possible to get back to life after being defeated... added an achievement for this
  • Made the Human description more concise
  • Fixed a grammar error in the Centaur description
  • Fixed a bug with weird letters appearing in the inventory in the minimap mode

You can download NotEye + Hydra Slayer here. Have fun! And see you on the ADOM Resurrection Virtual Party today, and on the Annual Roguelike Release Party in two weeks!