Tuesday, 17 December 2013

HyperRogue 4.2 smoothly released!

It turns out that OpenGL works with the Minkowski hyperboloid too! As a result, HyperRogue 4.2 is released, using OpenGL for display, which works MUCH more smoothly than previous versions. In case of any problems, the non-OpenGL renderer is still available (run with the "-o" option or press F2 o to toggle), and without OpenGL, anti-aliasing can be turned on or off (F2 Shift+O).

Also, fixed a crash bug with Ivy plants — it affected the Android version (and thus was fixed in 4.1a for Android), not sure whether it affected the desktop version too.

To celebrate the smoother engine, a better looking Wolf has been added. I am happy with the current graphics, but if you are interested in making alternative vector-based art, we could work on it ;) Don't forget that you can press F6 to draw your own floors and player character. (In the Roguelike Radio episode 83, Kawa mentioned how the @ sign traditionally used in roguelikes can represent any kind of character that the player imagines. In HyperRogue, you can actually draw one! Well, the editor is very simple for now, colors are not supported yet.)

There are no gameplay changes. See the HyperRogue website for more information about HyperRogue.

I am still working on porting the changes to Android, hopefully the Android port will also run more smoothly soon.

As expected, you can now vote for Roguelike of the Year on ASCII Dreams. Don't forget to vote for HyperRogue, Hydra Slayer, and ADOM! If you want to support HyperRogue, bitcoin donations are now possible (not sure whether they work, though).

Download HyperRogue 4.2 here (Windows+source+music, 44MB); if you already have the music, you can download the version without music (1MB). Happy hacking!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

HyperRogue 4.1 is released!

HyperRogue 4.1 is released, with the following improvements:
  • In the Android version, the Android-standard menu for user settings (which are saved now), and the game log is available from the menu. (This was actually done in version 4.0b, but not announced here.)
  • Added tags to the OGG files. (Actually this was already done in "hyperrogue-40t.zip", but not announced here.)
  • An option to reduce the framerate limit to conserve CPU energy. Also framerate is reduced in non-game screens and when the app is not in focus. (Thanks to Damyan Ivanov for suggesting this!) Unfortunately desktop only, for now (on Android the framerate is low even with full CPU usage, at least on my devices).
  • Alchemist's lab fixes: all monsters (except eagles and ghosts) now adhere to the rules. Fixed a bug with pushing Thumpers through. Mimics and mirrors no longer damage the slime colors. Worms and Ivies can enter the Alchemist's Lab now. Flash/lightning spells now copy the slime color under PC when used in the Alchemist's Lab (thus allowing easy travel). (Thanks to Andrew Farnsley for mentioning this and several other bugs!)
  • The Jungle is easier now. (Previously, either a single ivy with 7 branches, or two ivies next to each other with 5 and 4 branches, were generated; the ivy got less branches if the required cell was blocked. Now, the harder case only happens in 25% cases (instead of 50%), and the ivy is not generated at all if some of the locations for branches are blocked by other ivies.)
  • The greater demon description now explains the mechanics is more detail. Mimics and mirrors no longer kill greater demons (they turn them to lesser demons instead).
  • Fixed a minor bug with Thumper power draining incorrectly, and a bug with bonfire power draining twice as fast as stated.
  • Eagles and ghosts no longer fall or collapse tiles in the Land of Eternal Motion. Also, Eagles now actually fly (i.e., can go through lakes, chasms, and slime).
  • The Esc-screen now displays the last messages (scrollable with the arrow keys).
  • Contributors are now listed in the Credits section in Help.
  • Added missing license files to the package.
  • Fixed the filename in hyperrogue-music.txt for Cocytus.
Download HyperRogue 4.1 here (Windows+source+music, 44MB); if you already have hyperrogue-40t.zip, you can download the version without music (1MB). The Android version should be available on Google Play soon.

See also: the HyperRogue website

Have fun! And don't forget to vote for HyperRogue, Hydra Slayer, and ADOM in the Roguelike of the Year poll, which should come soon on ASCII Dreams!

Monday, 2 December 2013

interview and ADOM pre20

Rather old news, but there has been an interview with me on the Roguelike Radio!

Also, ADOM prerelease 20 is available (for everyone). It includes a newer version of NotEye than the one available on the official NotEye's website. But I am going to wait a bit before releasing the new version officially.

Stay tuned!