Wednesday, 18 July 2012

NotEye 5.4 and Hydra Slayer 13.5

NotEye + Hydra Slayer updated again!

For NotEye, the focus was on its integration feature. From now, NotEye works as a shared library for creating roguelike displays. Even without using NotEye's special graphical modes and other features, this library has advantages over both Curses (easier handling of arrows, can use 24-bit color, fullscreen in Windows) and libtcod (console output option). See sample.cpp for a sample "roguelike" (a @ moving on screen, actually) for a demo.

For Hydra Slayer there were several minor changes (thanks to kraflab for some of his suggestions):
  • right-click on map now gives information about things
  • attacking hydras with missiles now raises their awareness level, so they will hunt you even from afar (it should be harder to do the extremely boring exploit of hitting the hydra with missiles until they die.. even if it was quite hard before)
  • the colors change when you are on low health, and change again when you are dead
  • improved the texts shown when you try to do something after death (and you no longer can pickup anything)
  • you no longer see through corners in the 4-directional mode
  • fixed corpse images
  • fixed some grammar errors
  • fixed some more 64-bit saveformat incompatibilities
  • the log file now shows if you have used backups (with numbers) or the auto-attack mode
  • if you have enabled the backup cheat, you get "subtle" hints why permadeath is the right way—things that make less sense without permadeath (strongly relying on randomness or incomplete information) behave differently, usually to your disadvantage (the artifact with random effects does not work, shadow hydras defeated do not heal you, bloody hydras do not appear below the first boss)
  • fixed sight in the secret geometry (BTW if you want the secret geometry, just try weird key combinations on the race selection screen)
  • fixed a bug with bloody hydra placement
  • an information about movement added to the tutorial (it explains that you can choose other geometries, but not in tutorial)
  • resistances are now also shown on individual hydra description screens
  • some debug actions were available not only in the debug mode

And some minor changes in NotEye:
  • the exit window button is now handled (it is assumed that you would not want to use it to quit the game because it is risky, but it can quit playback and the main menu)
  • no crashes when trying to move in the middle of turning, in the FPP mode
  • refresh scripts (F5) works better in NotEye (it no longer hangs Hydra Slayer)
  • UI can now work as a separate thread (Lua coroutine), this is used in sample.cpp

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