Friday, 6 July 2012

Hydra Slayer 13.2

Thanks to some quick feedback by Darren Grey, Ancient, and Ortoslon, there is already version 13.2 of Hydra Slayer!
  • The theme has been changed to be more consistent with Greek mythology. There are still some things from other sources remaining for now, but the most important part is alright. You will no longer see runes, elves, and trolls. Thanks to Darren and Ancient for their ideas!
  • In most cases changing the theme affected only texts (and graphics), but Elves have been replaced with Centaurs (a mix of archery and power swipe did not make that much sense anyway). Centaurs start with a bow and are unable to perform power swipes. Maybe a power swipe-oriented race will return the future, but it will need to have more interesting properties.
  • Targetting icon is now actually displayed when a bow is selected.
  • Hydra Slayer should now work correctly with keyboard layouts other than qwerty.
  • The NotEye menu can now be activated with F4 (and also Ctrl+M on qwerty). This key is also displayed in more menus in the game.
  • Mouse now works correctly in the NotEye menu.
  • README has been renamed to README.txt for Windows users.
  • Some typos fixed.
Have fun!

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