Thursday, 28 June 2012

HyperRogue III (version 3.7)

There were some minor issues with HyperRogue III, and they are fixed now.

Not as a big update as the last one, but always something :)

In the desktop version:
  • HyperRogue looks better on Windows now, as it has an icon, and version information.
  • You can now disable the red axes which show you where directional keys will take you. By default, they disappear automatically if using a mouse, and reappear when using keyboard (they are useful only for keyboard users).
In the Android version, there was a bug with panning ("DRAG"), which caused the display to disappear when trying to do panning. Also panning is faster now (i.e., more fps).

Get it here, and have fun!


  1. Hey there, some random things:

    -I once tested the original version 1, and now discovered this huge update. Just tested it, and absolutely love the style!

    -First thing that I killed awkwardly enough was a rock troll that found his way from the living caves into the icy lands. Even though his dead body is a bright (warm?) red star, he seems to spread out an extra-cold zone around him. Dunno if this is normal, but it's really cool. Are there many special combinations/interactions between monsters and there non-native lands?

    -The crossroads help text still mentions rangers, even though, I read somewhere around here that they are no longer supposed to exist.

    -This particular blog-post doesn't have the "hyper" tag, which made it quite difficult to find (I was looking for what was new in this 3.7 update).

    That's it! If you work on anything in the game, let it be the performance of the escher-style graphics, as they slow a bit down on my older computer... but they look SO good! :-)

  2. Hey, thanks for comments!

    Several monster are considered "hot" and spread heat in the Icy Lands (and yes, dead trolls are cold). I don't remember any other special interactions for now, unless you count Dead Orbs which have special uses in some lands.

    I have fixed the tag. Thanks!