Friday, 2 August 2013

HyperRogue 3.8, and some plans

HyperRogue 3.8 is released!

It has the following minor updates:
  • the window is resizable, instead of having a fixed list of resolutions
  • exits cleanly in case of errors, such as the missing font file or unability to initialize SDL
  • fixed a crash bug with wandering worms
  • mousing over "help" in the config menu lists the hidden features, such as the graphics editor or the showoff mode
  • some command line options are added (try --help)
  • the SDL.dll file has been updated to a more recent version (screen size is now detected correctly)
Thanks to chrysn for creating a Debian package, and reporting the crash bugs!

Download HyperRogue 3.8 here. You can also see its website.

In other news, we are also currently working on the Roguelike Bundle. For now, you can download my preliminary draft which includes a NotEye-based launcher (a newer version of NotEye than the current official release), some roguelikes preconfigured to work with NotEye (DoomRL, Brogue, Hydra Slayer, NLarn, Drakefire Chasm, ChessRogue, Frozen Depths, Gruesome, Toby the Trapper, Unstoppable), as well as HyperRogue 3.8. You are welcome to discuss the bundle. Hopefully we will create something great!

Have fun!