Sunday, 26 May 2013

ADOM: graphical prerelease

I think I should mention this on my blog: the first graphical version of ADOM, using
NotEye as the graphical display engine, is available as a closed release!

This is available for people who donated in the campaign. If you have not donated, it is also possible to buy access.

Have fun!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

NotEye 7.0 + Hydra Slayer 15.0

After a relatively long time, a new version of NotEye and Hydra Slayer is released!
This version includes many features and fixes many bugs reported in the meantime.

NotEye 7.0:
  • A selection of palettes. Several palettes are included, and you can even define your own palette. Also palettes with non-black color 0 work somewhat.
  • The choice of font/resolution has been improved. Any font can be scaled now (both up and down). You can also request a specific resolution (e.g. 800x500) and the currently selected font will be scaled to match the requested resolution as well as possible. Fonts which were simply scaled versions of other fonts have been therefore removed, and replaced with two new fonts. (In the future NotEye probably should also support TrueType fonts, or some other format...)
  • You can now save the configuration from NotEye, and have it automatically loaded the next time you run NotEye (when saved before selecting the game), or the next time you play the specific game (when saved during the game).
  • Alpha-aliased fonts did not look well on non-black backgrounds, this has been fixed (again?)
  • letters in mini-tile mode look better now
  • fixed some bugs about the map location
  • the mysterious "view using a selected config" moved to the Network menu where it belongs
  • a new recoloring algorithm (which will be supposedly used for karmic dragons in ADOM)
  • When the game hides/resizes the cursor, NotEye handles it correctly (also added to noteye-curses.h)
  • Renamed keymaps and keytabs (might introduce backward incompatibility)
  • tested on a Raspberry Pi (works, although slowly)
Hydra Slayer 15.0:
  • Giants are sometimes 50-headed and named Hecatoncheires, to reinforce the Greek mythology theme (as suggested in that thread)
  • A rare error with connectivity has been fixed. If you had to abandon your game from the previous version due to being unable to find the stairs, load the savegame in this version, it will fix it for you. (Also this does not ruin the Tutorial, as the previously released small bugfix did)
  • A new rare weapon family, probably not very useful, but always something new (based on the Roguetemple thread)
  • Meteorite Eradicator now uses the correct image in NotEye. Also Eradicator now uses the appropriate ASCII character if the font includes it (works in NotEye's VGA and Fantasy fonts, I have not tried to make it work in Unicode terminals)
  • Weapon materials have been fixed in the Tutorial (in the weapons room).
  • fixed a bug with the NotEye script which caused crashes in some circumstances (I don't remember the details)
A new version of Hydra Slayer for Android has also been released at Google Play (the last version of Hydra Slayer for Android released was 14.0...).

Download NotEye 7.0 + Hydra Slayer 15.0

Have fun!