Wednesday, 13 May 2015

HyperRogue 6.6: Steam, Android, and Desura

Some news about HyperRogue:

HyperRogue on Steam has been updated to Version 6.6 -- this fixes some minor bugs, and also includes the source code, so inner workings of the seven new lands are no longer secret. More details at the bottom of this post.

HyperRogue on Google Play has been updated to Version 6.6 too. There were some bugs which caused HyperRogue to crash on exit (I thought that this was caused by the OS deciding to kill HyperRogue in order to clear memory, but it was actually a bug). Additionally, HyperRogue registers itself as a service -- this reminds the user of the game in progress, and should hopefully prevent Android from killing it (we will see if this indeed works).

HyperRogue is also going to be released on Desura in June! If you would like to have access to the newest HyperRogue, but you do not like Steam for some reason, this is for you. The Steam version has global highscores (meaningful in a game of skill such as HyperRogue), achievements which add a bit to the game (I am proud of getting the Master of Cult achievement myself), and a great community -- but you do not lose it, since the Steam key is included in the Desura package too! Source code and HyperRogue Gold for Android are also included. If you like HyperRogue, please give it a good rating on Desura!

Some cool new features are already planned for version 7.0, so at some time the current version (HyperRogue 6.6) will be released for free, and the paid versions will be updated with new lands and features. Have fun!

Detailed changelog for HyperRogue 6.6:
  • Some bugs related to Mimics (Mirages and Mirror Images) have been fixed: they are now destroyed when they stray too far away, when you teleport, or when they attack an Ivy. (If they were not destroyed in these situations, it could potentially lead to weird behavior.) Also, they no longer change their direction without a reason in the Alchemist Lab.
  • Walls left by killed Vine Beasts are now more visible in the Hive.
  • Shift-clicking on a cell now does nothing if it is impossible to cast a spell from a ranged Orb at the given location.
  • HyperRogue's log file has been improved a bit. The implementation is much more clean, and it lists achievements gained, and data proving that the scores have been achieved in an official paid version of HyperRogue. This could be potentially used to prevent some forms of cheating by tampering with saved games (although it is possible to cheat anyway, just a bit harder).