Friday, 13 June 2014

ADOM, NotEye, and Untahris

Recently, ADOM got greenlit on Steam!

This means that we (the ADOM team) will be now working a lot to make ADOM on Steam a superb experience. In the meantime, NotEye got major improvements -- like being based on SDL 2.0 instead of SDL 1.2, which brings a huge efficiency boost, and a potential for running on iOS and Android -- but there are so many things to do in ADOM that we have no time to release :) But hopefully there will be a new tester release of ADOM soon, and a new version of NotEye will come with it!

In the meantime, I have dusted off one of my old games, Untahris (see the changelog for changes). It features grid-based gameplay, randomly generated levels, permadeath, emergent complexity, non-modalness, resource management, and several other features. However, I won't advertise it on the roguelike sites. Strangely, I do not consider it a roguelike!

In Untahris, you can play several classic fun, simple arcade games, including games similar to Tetris, Snake, Tron, Arkanoid, Pong, Thrust, Bomberman, Rampart, Liero. You can play them both in single player and multiplayer mode (on one computer, local network, or maybe Internet). Now, Untahris has an original experimental feature, which makes it more than just a bundle of these games! In multiplayer mode each player can play a different game — however, they play all on the same board. This may lead to funny interactions, battles or alliances between them. Suggestions for adding more roguelikeness to the mix are welcome. :)

Have fun!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

NotEye 7.6

NotEye 7.6 is released!

This update is mostly for those who would like to use NotEye in their 7DRL 2014 entry. The seven day challenge starts in just a few days. Whether you want to use NotEye or not, good luck!

The 7DRL invitation caused lots of discussion about the licensing of NotEye. I am quite confident that GPL is (mostly) what I want; I have explained my motivations in the dev guide. I have also made the licensing clear in the package: improved the comments in the Lua scripts, license is displayed in the "about" screen, improved the "readme.txt" file and the sourcing of the audio/gfx files.

More changes:
  • Added the DawnLike tileset (together with two new fonts) and some Lua scripts for it. Sample games now use this tileset.
  • Added an "About NotEye" option to the NotEye menu. This simplified the NotEye main (pre-game) menu.
  • Fixed the TPP mode (in 7.5 it worked correctly only in Hydra's hex mode).
  • Fixed the "-N --ascii" command line option (which runs NotEye in the console).
  • Added some new utilities for sounds, and for scheduling an action later.
  • Added a noteye_halfdelayms(int i) command for more precise timing.
  • Added more functions to JNI (thus Java can use more NotEye's functions).
  • Fixed the Makefile (NotEye did not compile correctly on some Linux machines due to missing -lz -lcurses).
There have been some changes to Hydra Slayer, although it was not a focus of this release:
  • Hydra Slayer has new sounds by Brett Cornwall. It is still a work in progress.
  • You no longer get a double sword when growing your fingernails. (Also fixed the grammar slightly.)
See the NotEye website, or download directly!

Good luck hacking!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

HyperRogue 4.4

HyperRogue 4.4 is released!

The changes are most visible on Android. Music is included (so the apk is 8MB -- if you liked the small apk without music, there is also HyperRogue Lite). You can now save the game by collecting an Orb of Safety -- basically, if you leave the game after picking up such an orb (while its power is still active), the game will continue when you restart HyperRogue. (Orb of Lightning's animation has been moved to Orb of Safety; Orbs of Lightning use a new sparkling animation.)

There is also a new paid version of HyperRogue for Android, named HyperRogue Gold -- buy this if you want to support HyperRogue :) To make it include something which is not included in the free version, HyperRogue Gold also includes some cheats.

Of course, saving (after taking an Orb of Safety) has been added to the desktop version, too :) You can download HyperRogue 4.4 with music (44 MB), with low-quality music (NEW! - 8 MB, graphics are not affected), and without music (1 MB).

Go to the HyperRogue website

Happy slashing!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

NotEye 7.5: TPP, samples, 7DRL invitation, and more!

After more than four months, a new version of NotEye is ready!

hydra-tpp.png brogue-tpp.png
nlarn-tpp.png adom-tpp.png
NotEye 7.5 has a new graphical mode (TPP). Since you can configure the camera angle, facing direction, and zoom, this is in fact several modes in one! Also, NotEye's fullscreen mode behaves in a more pleasant way (it keeps the current resolution, instead of changing it to the window resolution -- it can be configured to use the old behavior, too). Also, a new font was added (Wouter van Oortmerssen's Square font for roguelikes).

Moreover, NotEye is now friendly to developers using many different languages. Not only the support for C++ (namespaces) and C (NotEye header correctly compiles under a C comiler) has been improved, but also NotEye now includes samples in Free Pascal, Python, Java, and Lua. All of these examples (except Lua) show many basic features: PC, monsters, smooth animation, error handling (just reload the Lua files on Lua errors). All of the five sample games are very simple, but at least they are at least a bit different :)

Since the 7DRL challenge is coming, I invite the participants to use NotEye for their 7DRL this year. See here for more details.

Direct download link: NotEye 7.5+Hydra Slayer 15.5, Roguelike Bundle 1.3

Some more changes:
  • Several options were added: Projectile speed, Backgrounds, Detail/violence levels (for disabling drawing of CPU-intensive details or blood). These options work for games which support them.
  • Arrow keys can be used to change music/sound and detail/violence levels. Instant feedback when changing music/sound volume.
  • All configs, recordings, screenshots etc. are now stored in the 'user' subdirectory; default config is included (in 'common') and copied there.
  • 'copy error message to a file' in the crash menu.
  • Auto-recording now can be selected from the menu (not only from the config file).
  • Auto-logging. If you wanted to know how much time you spend playing roguelikes for some reason, now you can.
  • Menus are now more colorful.
  • Removed ADOM and PRIME from the menu - these games use NotEye, just download and run them.
  • The NotEye Menu has been rearranged a bit. Fixed the message to 'press ENTER to resume playing' while in a game.
  • Fixed the system terminal mode (it did not work in NotEye 7.3 due to changes).
  • Gamescript files now provide their NotEye version (for backward compatibility in the future).
  • In Hydra Slayer source, BFS is called bfs() instead of dfs().
  • The palette display now works with all fonts (uses filled blocks instead of characters).
  • Added some utility functions in the Lua scripts (sendvector, keyname).
  • Renamed some functions in the NotEye header to make it clear that they belong to NotEye; also, for colors, the type 'noteyecolor' is used instead of 'int'. Added some new utility functions (noteye_lastkeyevent_* for examining the details of keypresses which do not resolve to characters, Lua-callable functions now can return nested arrays and Lua tables).
  • Bounding boxes are calculated for tiles, which should make the pictures draw faster.
  • A minor fix in backward compatibility.

Friday, 17 January 2014

HyperRogue 4.3 and Pandora

Pandora (image from Wikipedia)

mcobit has contacted be about his porting of HyperRogue to the gaming console Pandora. It was quite fun to improve HyperRogue's controls to make them work well on a device with a small screen, keyboard, and two joysticks (even if I have no Pandora myself). On Pandora, you need to touch and release to move (or use a joystick), arrow keys move (instead of panning), and shoulder buttons can be used to move diagonally; these could be also useful with other ports in the future. But the desktop HyperRogue got some control improvements, too. There are no real gameplay changes, unless you count new flavor messages which appear when you press 'g'.
  • You can now actually control the whole game with keyboard (well, except the graphical editor and the help which you get when you right-click the framerate). When panning with arrows, a cursor appears, and you can press F1 for more information about that location, or 't' to teleport (if allowed).
  • Keys 't' and 'g' now display messages if you have no respective Orb.
  • You can now use a joystick to move. If you have two joysticks, the second one can be used for panning. There are two modes of joystick movement (press 'p' to switch).
  • Right Shift and Right Ctrl change the meaning of mouse presses (useful with touchscreens and mice with too few buttons).
  • Anti-aliasing can be enabled/disabled in the config file.
  • Window caption was missing.
  • You can now press the middle button to pan (a quite fun feature that was previously available only on Android), or use the mousewheel for far movement (down) or panning (up).
Download HyperRogue 4.3 here (Windows+source+music, 44MB); if you already have the music, you can download the version without music (1MB).

By the way, the next version of NotEye will have a Third Person Perspective mode. NotEye's FPP mode was mostly a joke to show the nonsense of the obsession with 3D in modern games, but the new TPP mode is something that looks quite well and is actually playable. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

HyperRogue 4.2 smoothly released!

It turns out that OpenGL works with the Minkowski hyperboloid too! As a result, HyperRogue 4.2 is released, using OpenGL for display, which works MUCH more smoothly than previous versions. In case of any problems, the non-OpenGL renderer is still available (run with the "-o" option or press F2 o to toggle), and without OpenGL, anti-aliasing can be turned on or off (F2 Shift+O).

Also, fixed a crash bug with Ivy plants — it affected the Android version (and thus was fixed in 4.1a for Android), not sure whether it affected the desktop version too.

To celebrate the smoother engine, a better looking Wolf has been added. I am happy with the current graphics, but if you are interested in making alternative vector-based art, we could work on it ;) Don't forget that you can press F6 to draw your own floors and player character. (In the Roguelike Radio episode 83, Kawa mentioned how the @ sign traditionally used in roguelikes can represent any kind of character that the player imagines. In HyperRogue, you can actually draw one! Well, the editor is very simple for now, colors are not supported yet.)

There are no gameplay changes. See the HyperRogue website for more information about HyperRogue.

I am still working on porting the changes to Android, hopefully the Android port will also run more smoothly soon.

As expected, you can now vote for Roguelike of the Year on ASCII Dreams. Don't forget to vote for HyperRogue, Hydra Slayer, and ADOM! If you want to support HyperRogue, bitcoin donations are now possible (not sure whether they work, though).

Download HyperRogue 4.2 here (Windows+source+music, 44MB); if you already have the music, you can download the version without music (1MB). Happy hacking!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

HyperRogue 4.1 is released!

HyperRogue 4.1 is released, with the following improvements:
  • In the Android version, the Android-standard menu for user settings (which are saved now), and the game log is available from the menu. (This was actually done in version 4.0b, but not announced here.)
  • Added tags to the OGG files. (Actually this was already done in "", but not announced here.)
  • An option to reduce the framerate limit to conserve CPU energy. Also framerate is reduced in non-game screens and when the app is not in focus. (Thanks to Damyan Ivanov for suggesting this!) Unfortunately desktop only, for now (on Android the framerate is low even with full CPU usage, at least on my devices).
  • Alchemist's lab fixes: all monsters (except eagles and ghosts) now adhere to the rules. Fixed a bug with pushing Thumpers through. Mimics and mirrors no longer damage the slime colors. Worms and Ivies can enter the Alchemist's Lab now. Flash/lightning spells now copy the slime color under PC when used in the Alchemist's Lab (thus allowing easy travel). (Thanks to Andrew Farnsley for mentioning this and several other bugs!)
  • The Jungle is easier now. (Previously, either a single ivy with 7 branches, or two ivies next to each other with 5 and 4 branches, were generated; the ivy got less branches if the required cell was blocked. Now, the harder case only happens in 25% cases (instead of 50%), and the ivy is not generated at all if some of the locations for branches are blocked by other ivies.)
  • The greater demon description now explains the mechanics is more detail. Mimics and mirrors no longer kill greater demons (they turn them to lesser demons instead).
  • Fixed a minor bug with Thumper power draining incorrectly, and a bug with bonfire power draining twice as fast as stated.
  • Eagles and ghosts no longer fall or collapse tiles in the Land of Eternal Motion. Also, Eagles now actually fly (i.e., can go through lakes, chasms, and slime).
  • The Esc-screen now displays the last messages (scrollable with the arrow keys).
  • Contributors are now listed in the Credits section in Help.
  • Added missing license files to the package.
  • Fixed the filename in hyperrogue-music.txt for Cocytus.
Download HyperRogue 4.1 here (Windows+source+music, 44MB); if you already have, you can download the version without music (1MB). The Android version should be available on Google Play soon.

See also: the HyperRogue website

Have fun! And don't forget to vote for HyperRogue, Hydra Slayer, and ADOM in the Roguelike of the Year poll, which should come soon on ASCII Dreams!