Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Brogue video

And here is another NotEye video, presenting Brogue.

There are some glitches (Brogue draws some black letters on black background which are supposed to be invisible but are visible in NotEye; windows do not display very nicely and sometimes don't receive mouse clicks correcly) but I hope it shows something.

Have fun watching!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Hydra Slayer + NotEye video

Another video! This one presents Hydra Slayer as viewed through NotEye. It presents the various graphical modes available through NotEye (one important thing which is not shown on the video is that you can change to a bigger resolution to see a bigger part of the map), and Hydra Slayer's various geometries. Have fun!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Noteye version 5.0 released!

NotEye version 5.0 is released! This is a rather big release, with many new features:

  • Isometric view.
  • Mini-tiles view. This is similar to the roguelike's normal ASCII view, except that the ASCII map is replaced with tiles.
  • Sound effects, based on messages from the game.
  • You can now change fonts in NotEye. This also changes the resolution, so more tiles will fit if the font is larger. A nice VGA-like 32x16 font from VoI is included.
  • A custom libtcod 1.5.1, so you will be able to connect to libtcod roguelikes.
  • A config for Brogue. All graphic modes and sounds.
  • More configuration options in config.lua.
  • Objects in 3D no longer float over the ground.
  • Additional optional input methods: Shift/Ctrl+Left/Right arrow for diagonal movement, and VI keys.
  • Keypresses now know their "unicode" meaning, not only key symbol, which should make development easier, and more portable to different keyboard layouts.
  • NotEye Menus (and webpage) now display a logo.
  • Curses output. Could be useful to watch recordings of 16-color roguelikes on simple terminals, but not recommended for things like Brogue (the colors are very bad).
  • Faster (SDL's blit functions are now used where they were not, much more efficient hashing of tiles, some additional hardcoded functions).
Also I have created a video showing NotEye in action (with DoomRL). 

Hydra Slayer itself has not been updated, but NotEye gives new options to it (sounds, new fonts, isometric and mini-tile views).

Plans for the future include finally writing the documentation (I suppose adapting NotEye for new games might be quite hard now due to the lack of docs), and probably improvements to the FPP mode (using OpenGL's hardware acceleration instead of drawing by own calculations should be much faster, also new ways of placing the 3D objects).

Good luck to all (B)Rogues and Hydra Slayers!