Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year!


I am working on roguelikes until the last day of the year! :) I have just fixed the bug which caused HyperRogue not to run on the newest versions of the Android OS (it was already fixed in the basic version, but now I have updated the Gold and Lite versions too).

I have not been working much on my own roguelikes this year. In my opinion, there were not many new roguelikes in general -- I mean classic, big roguelikes, there were several great 7DRLs and games evolved from them, such as Golden Krone Hotel or TraumaRL, I have also had lots of fun playing Hoplite from 2013, and there were lots of games with roguelike elements. Some old roguelikes have been updated -- I have been working on ADOM, which was great too. Hopefully, ADOM should be available on Steam soon! Maybe I will add some achievements and scoreboards, and publish HyperRogue on Steam too?

Whether you are a game developer or just a player, I wish everyone lots of new great interesting games (whether you like 7DRLs, classic roguelikes, games with roguelike elements, or games which have nothing to do with roguelikes), and updates to old great games, in the New Year!