Tuesday, 19 February 2013

NotEye 6.6 + Hydra Slayer 14.6

Hello! Time for some bugfixes...

Thanks to CCC, the following things have been fixed in Hydra Slayer 14.6:
  • Fixed the Primeslayer (did not work without enchantment, although it should).
  • Fixed the ambidextrous Vorpal Blade (did not grow correctly).
  • Fixed the missing end-of-lines in the player log file.
Game Hunter has created a Frozen Depths+NotEye video, which caused the following bugfixes:
  • Cursor shown in Frozen Depths (and possibly other roguelikes in the future).
  • Frozen Depths will no longer interpret the "@" on the Help Screen as PC (unfortunately, I see no way to tell Sages from the PC...)
Also the following things have been improved in NotEye 6.6:
  • The Dungeon Crawl config has been fixed (should no longer detect the PC on the X-map, or interpret other humans are PCs - NotEye now knows that PC is always at the same coordinates).
  • In Linux, NotEye (caller.sh, actually) will now automatically turn off the UTF-8 encoding (and use ISO-8859-1). (This bug caused lava and other weird terrain to be displayed as several characters in Crawl.)
  • Letters now look better when drawn on a non-black background (especially when the letters are black).
  • As suggested for PRIME, mousewheeling upwards now moves your character in the opposite direction.
  • Keyboard input menu is improved. Now, it allows you to turn on/off rotation/translation for numpad and arrowkeys, has more explnatory text, and more options for letter-based layouts.
  • Fixed a bug which caused alpha-blended images to be scaled incorrectly.
  • Fixed a problem with noteye_halt and enabling key-repeat on reload.
  • The 'distill' function is now available to script writers ('getdistill'). Mostly for debugging.
  • Tile debugging ('tiledebug') now provides a slightly more informative output (for images and transforms).
Download NotEye 6.6 + Hydra Slayer 14.6

The Seven Day Roguelike Challenge 2013 will be running from March 9th to March 17th. I have no good ideas for my entry yet, but you are invited to use NotEye as your display engine :) See sample.cpp and sample.noe for a simple example. Have fun slaying Hydras, developing and playing roguelikes!