Sunday, 10 June 2012

HyperRogue III (version 3.6)

HyperRogue III version 3.6 released!

Finally I got enough ideas for improvements to release a new version. It has the following changes:

  • Ivy plants were supposed to be a prominent feature of Jungle, but they were rather something that you see from time to time, and you should run away from, because there was no reason to fight them. This is changed. Jungle got rebalanced.
  • Wandering monsters. It is no longer safe to just stay in one place and wait for monsters. (As a counterbalance there are less "stationary" monsters)
  • A high score list. Accessible via ESC-t. You no longer have to remember your best scores :) (it uses the same log file as previous versions, but unfortunately is unable to read their scores)
  • The Land of Eternal Motion now has its own Orb (rather than pretending that it has falled through a huge hole). This new Orb is also expected to improve the performance on devices with low memory.
  • You no longer get 1000 points for the Orb of Yendor, only 50. The motivation here is that you should be able to play HyperRogue in two ways: as a completionist (aim to get the Orb of Yendor to win the game) or as a perfectionist (get a high score), and the quest for Orb of Yendor should not get into the perfectionist's way.
  • You can now switch places with golems (previously it was quite easy to kill them, or to lose because of being blocked by them... I have decided that the game would be better without such problems)
  • I have tried to actually play with the wersdzxc keyboard layout and found it very awkward, so switched to qweadzxc; also the quit/restart keys got changed to prevent confusion
  • removed the Rangers from crossroads (creatures native to all lands appear on the Crossroads, so there is no need to make it even harder by adding Rangers; the screenshot above still has them...)
  • running dogs no longer look as if they appeared from nowhere (I think it got broken in some earlier version)
  • you are now allowed to get an Orb of Shielding even if there are monsters nearby
Have fun!


  1. Wanted to report a bug for the Android version:

    Haven't played it an awful lot yet, but each time I'm panning (enabling the "Move" option), a couple of seconds after everything inside the circle goes black, and whatever I then do the only thing that happens is one of the words/options in each corner blinks red (when clicking somewhere in the screen). Only way to solve this in my case is to restart.
    Also the panning is really jerky (7 fps I think it said)?

    Apart from that it's really a treat for the eyes, though I would say it's more of a "puzzle" than a "roguelike".

    Phone: HTC Desire S w/ Sense 3.0
    OS: Android 2.3.5


    1. Sam: yes, it happens on my phone too (I have found it, but apparently forgotten about this). I'll see if I can fix it later, but for now, you should be able to solve this by touching the "DRAG" button twice -- this centers the view back on the character.

      Thanks for a report!

  2. Great game; you don't know how much I always wanted a non-euclidian game.

    So Ivy plants now are spread all over the jungle, right? Makes more sense I guess: it's a jungle, not a green desert. I'm lucky I recently just learnt how to effectively approach them and terminate them.

    One feedback note though: would it be posible to add an option to disable the red axis shown when tiles are displayed on Escher mode? I know it doesn't show up in the Android version, and I personally find it a bit intrusive.

    1. OK, I see what you mean. You are probably playing with the mouse, and then the axes are indeed useless and intrusive. I'll try to post an update soon.