Thursday, 7 June 2012

HyperRogue T-shirts and other items

Following the example of Thomas Biskup, the Creator of ADOM, I have opened a shop with some items related to HyperRogue. I hope you like them.

If you want to see items based on specific areas in HyperRogue, or on one of my other games, comment here.

I don't really expect to sell anything, but why not try?

Of course donating would be a more cost effective way of supporting my work, but you don't get a nice T-shirt (or other item) for this :)


  1. Seems like your HyperRogue shop is gone. Did you take it down?

    1. Cafepress has closed my stores "due to inactivity" (without even notifying me about this). I did not like how Cafepress works anyway, so I have created a new shop here:

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