Sunday, 20 January 2013

NotEye 6.5 + Hydra Slayer 14.5

Game Hunter has made several more videos about Hydra Slayer and NotEye. Go watch them!

Of course, some bugs and feature requests were discovered on the way...

Necklace of the Eye 6.5:
  • Some fixes from 6.4 did not actually make it to the release (which actually made NotEye 6.4 unusable with DoomRL and some other games)
  • NotEye now explains what is OpenGL good and bad for
And, on the more technical side:
  • File generic.noe is no longer such a chaotic file, with functions related to many different features of NotEye (view modes, sounds, reading the map, running the game, keyboard input, and fonts). It has been split into several files . Also some stuff has been rearranged.
  • Added some comments in the common/*.noe files.
  • Some sound-related functions added (playsoundloop, playmusicloop, mixsetdistance, mixsetpanning, mixunregisteralleffects) (not yet used, but requested for ADOM)
  • Added 'getobjectinfo' to get info about an object, as a Lua table (for example, using getobjectinfo on a simple image tile will currently return all the values used to create the tile (image, origin, size, transparency key) and the number of empty rows at the bottom)
Hydra Slayer 14.5 (thanks again to Game Hunter for his videos, and Ben Franzluebbers for reporting several bugs):
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused hangups on entering the new level in the 4-directional mode
  • invisible walls now look like dark walls, and unknown cells are simply black now
  • shadow hydras are now remembered after you save the game
  • pick axes have been upgraded slightly: they are now doublers (like bows and spears), not stunners, are more powerful (e.g. they work instantly at size 5), have new names and growth messages
  • Mushroom staff now remembers mushroom displacement stats (and is displayed in the weapon history if used only for that)
  • Titans now can press Shift+G to quickly move weapons from the ground to their extended inventory
  • Potion of Knowledge now displays the weapon '0' correctly
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused crashes when using knowledge/growth on vampires
  • Updated the onsite feature list to the new theme
Download here, and have fun!

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