Thursday, 10 January 2013

Hydra Slayer 14.4 + NotEye 6.4

I have noticed some bugs in Hydra Slayer while watching UberHunter's Hydra Slayer videos (and also noticed some more on my own when playtesting). I have fixed some of them, although there are still some left (I have no idea what causes some menus to disappear immediately, and what caused the crash after the 9th episode). Anyway, I think there are enough changes for a new version (for example, daughters of Echidna were much easier to play than intended).

Hydra Slayer 14.4 has the following changes:
  • Damage modifiers (+1 damage for Echidna, -1 damage for having a correct shield) now actually work instead of being displayed wrongly
  • Made bows stronger (longer stun times for larger bows; also stun times are displayed correctly now)
  • Fixed a bug which caused loss of turns when wielding a bow
  • Full-info now always displays the element sequence (and the names)
  • Fixed a bug which caused levels to be empty after using 'o' to use another savegame
  • dragon hydras are now animated correctly
  • time weapons now work correctly against partially stunned hydras
  • Fixed the message when "finding a powder"
  • Removed debug numbers when generating a level
  • The game now makes sure that there is a free spot next to the level entrance (otherwise you could run into problems if you are surrounded by mushrooms and have no dagger)
  • minor fixes to the NotEye file

Also NotEye 6.4 has some improvements:
  • "setscreensize" can override the default screen size (default = font size * ASCII rows/columns); also the ASCII screen is now centered if the resolution is larger than its size
  • Fixed a bug which caused "key repeat" to not work
  • Added an "enablekeyrepeat" function
  • Added a "noteye_getevent" function to libnoteye, which returns the last keypress as an SDL event (so that you can read special combinations); also "noteye_getchev" which reacts to all keypresses and keyreleases
  • Removed endwin() which sometimes caused a crash when closing the program on Windows
  • screen is now cleared after closing a NotEye menu
  • Curses mode now reads "ALT" correctly
  • A small fix to the antialiasing routine (a bug caused weird vertical lines)
  • Fixed a rounding error in tile scaling
  • Auto-shiftdown is now always disabled when using tilefreeform or tiletransform (I will probably add some extra functions to adjust this manually later)
Have fun!

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  1. Hah. Game Hunter's videos are indeed good for noticing bugs in one's game.