Friday, 6 April 2012

Necklace of the Eye version 5.1

The 7DRL challenge has created a wave of good roguelikes, some of them using the newest libtcod version. Drakefire Chasm is very good, but I could not get it into fullscreen on my Linux machine. So I have tested it with NotEye, and found some bugs (not very surprising, since Brogue was the only libtcod roguelike I have tested it on in the past). NotEye version 5.1 fixes these bugs, and adds some minor new features. I can play Drakefire Chasm on Linux in fullscreen now. :)
  • includes a config for Drakefire Chasm and Top Dog
  • libtcod fix: TCOD_sys_wait_for_keypress now stops waiting on a NotEye keypress too (this one broke both games above)
  • streaming fix (including libtcod): zipped stream is now flushed correctly (this bug made Top Dog halt in some circumstances)
  • NotEye no longer needs to be able to find the font file when running a libtcod game (it uses its own font instead)
  • Vapors of Insanity tiles are included (and some of them are used by Drakefire Chasm)
  • Some new fonts added to the selection: Fantasy 16x16, double-sized 8x8 terminal font (for square-shaped games such as Top Dog)
  • grass icon in Brogue is raised
  • a dev mode added to the libtcod.noe config, which can be used to get the RGB colors and positions on mouseover
  • an option to make screenshots with F4 (useful for animations)
  • the website has been redesigned to provide a more detailed information about each supported game
Breathing fire
a Priest casting a spell, in 3D
Drakefire Chasm and Top Dog via NotEye

Unfortunately Sword in the Hand is not supported, since it uses libtcod 1.5.0. Porta Lucis uses a Visual Studio version of libtcod (I am not sure which version) and I cannot try it. Download NotEye 5.1 here!

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