Monday, 23 April 2012

HyperRogue III

Necromancers of Graveyard
Demons of Hell
Cultists of Cthulhu
HyperRogue III has been released!

The most visible change is the addition of graphics. This will hopefully make it more playable for people who are not hardcore roguelike fans. Of course, the ASCII display from the previous versions is still available (press "v" for configuration, then "w" and "m"), it also seems to run more smoothly on some of the older machines.

The floor graphics are slightly based on the works of M. C. Escher, one of the few artists who did use hyperbolic geometry in the past. You need to press 'v' to activate the new floors, as they are more confusing and slower to draw.

Also, four new lands have been added (the Land of Eternal Motion, Graveyard, R'Lyeh, and Hell).

Another big thing is that you now have a quest, instead of just aiming for high scores. You are no longer able to immediately enter all the lands, some of them will appear only if you have met certain requirements (most of them related to score). Ultimately, you will be able to reach Hell, and find the Orb of Yendor. Of course you can still aim for high scores, too.

This makes the challenges in Hell (which I find quite interesting) a reward for the most careful players, while HyperRogue II allowed everyone to see everything. It has good and bad points, but I think it is worth it to motivate the players.

And some balance improvements. Overall, I think this is enough changes to change the name again, to HyperRogue III (Hyperbolic Rogue was the preliminary concept work, and HyperRogue II was the 7DRL challenge version).

Have fun, and good luck in your quest for the Orb of Yendor!

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