Friday, 26 August 2011

Vapors 0.51

A new version of Vapors of Insanity (0.51) is released!

Most focus went into making the development tools available, so players can see how VoI has been created, and (in future) create mods. Again, this is just a preview, as it is not documented very well yet.

I have also considered all the comments I have seen so far. Almost all ideas for improvements have been implemented (some have been implemented only partially, like improving the interface). So if you don't like something, please post a comment, I'll try to fix it in in the next version, after three weeks. :)

Many people don't like the interface. I have made some improvements, and improved the tutorial, so it is much better now (hopefully). But surely it needs much more work.

Other visible changes... well, the most visible one is that you can now see wielded weapons. ;) Also trees are more interesting now.

For a more complete change log:

- refactoring
- you are told how to quit after you die
- improved Elftown design
- you can now target spells in other directions by "rotating" the staff
- fixed wells
- big hammers as a starting weapon for blacksmiths (there was no good blunt weapon of suitable power)
- fixed learning designs from books
- you can now tell your allies to stay in place (and golems to stay in the forge)
- smiths start with some basic designs
- greatly improved the smithing interface (just go into a forge or furnace)
- fixed a bug with recognizing cells inside a room (which caused weird mixed-material huts)
- chimneys; you have to explicitly ask for it if you want to go down a well/chimney
- trees now have many different shapes (and some fixes added); the list of types has been extended
- some monsters are able to climb trees
- added some icons in menus
- dead beings no longer block or dodge
- roads and tunnels are now less twisty (the straightening algorithm was already there, but not active)
- you can  now 'talk to all'
- graphics: you can see weapons, shields, and helmets now
- target life now can target upwards or downwards
- lizards now able to climb chasms and dunes
- a much better tutorial
- Aiming (Archery skill) now reduces encumberance.
- some balance improvements
- decoration added for cells next to roads; roads work better on beaches (and ocean)
- some other minor modifications

Have fun :) And please submit comments, I need them to improve things.

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