Sunday, 7 August 2011

Hydra Slayer 12.8

As further playtesting revealed some bugs with vampire hydras... Version 12.8 is released!

  • Fixed descriptions of some weapons (bows did not say that you can use 'T', stunners now tell you how stunning works)
  • In the list of hydras, bows now correctly display the regrowth value "x2" instead of "+0". Also stunning time is now displayed if relevant.
  • Potions of knowledge did not work correctly with vampires. Some automated tests added to prevent them breaking in the future. Probably there should be more tests here, and also tests for ambidexterity (another thing which often breaks down).
  • Testing revealed some further bugs with potions of knowledge (large ivy-hydras, rare divisor-like weapons could not kill, attacks with some rare divisor-like weapons larger than hydras were ignored, useless 'wait until awakened' loops displayed, potions of ambidexterity made non-fresh by potions of knowledge, not working correctly with the weapon G2)
Please tell me if you find more illogical stuff :)

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