Sunday, 21 August 2011


I have added some donation links to my projects, so that people who like my creations more than commercial games can express that, and make me think more seriously about roguelike development (which could lead to faster development of Vapors of Insanity, and improvements to Necklace of the Eye). Although PayPal is much more popular, I have chosen to use Moneybookers (they seem to have many advantages, even though popularity is also a huge advantage in this case). I have not tested the links myself (as I cannot pay myself), but I hope they work..

I hope to release another preview of VoI this month (mostly the development version to allow others to see how VoI has been created, and create mods and improvements, but also with some minor gameplay updates, based on the comments I have received so far, or on my own testing or new ideas), and another one for ARRP (Sep 18), but I'll see.

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