Friday, 6 May 2016

Brogue 1.7.4, ported to NotEye

This is a new port of Brogue to NotEye. It includes tiles by Oryx and audio by LazyCat. Also thanks to Lanhash for asking me to finally do this, and for testing!

This is much better than the old port from 2012. Now, Brogue communicates with NotEye directly, without using Libtcod. This approach is much more convenient (no longer two windows) and much more robust (NotEye can get information about the placement of windows directly -- previously it could not, which caused some glitches).

Get it here, and have fun playing!

PS: I would love to also create a NotEye port of DCSS, using the DCSS tiles. Currently my preferred way of playing DCSS is to play the ASCII version of DCSS via NotEye. But somehow I found it hard to understand how tiles are drawn in DCSS -- if you have any ideas about how this could be done, please contact me :)


  1. Hey thanks for this great release!
    I fiddled a bit on FPP then find it more pleasant to play with zoomed tiles.
    I have a trouble anyway, when I want to Throw a dart (or else), an ASCII interface appears which is unaccurate and I can't throw things properly. How can I deactivate this ASCII-throwing-UI please?

    1. Thanks for playing! It seems that using items from the inventory screen (e.g. "i", select dart, "t"hrow) is indeed buggy at the moment, but if you press the command key first ("t"hrow, select dart), it seems to work fine, at least I don't see any problem with it. Does this help?

    2. It does help indeed! Thank you! :)