Friday, 17 January 2014

HyperRogue 4.3 and Pandora

Pandora (image from Wikipedia)

mcobit has contacted be about his porting of HyperRogue to the gaming console Pandora. It was quite fun to improve HyperRogue's controls to make them work well on a device with a small screen, keyboard, and two joysticks (even if I have no Pandora myself). On Pandora, you need to touch and release to move (or use a joystick), arrow keys move (instead of panning), and shoulder buttons can be used to move diagonally; these could be also useful with other ports in the future. But the desktop HyperRogue got some control improvements, too. There are no real gameplay changes, unless you count new flavor messages which appear when you press 'g'.
  • You can now actually control the whole game with keyboard (well, except the graphical editor and the help which you get when you right-click the framerate). When panning with arrows, a cursor appears, and you can press F1 for more information about that location, or 't' to teleport (if allowed).
  • Keys 't' and 'g' now display messages if you have no respective Orb.
  • You can now use a joystick to move. If you have two joysticks, the second one can be used for panning. There are two modes of joystick movement (press 'p' to switch).
  • Right Shift and Right Ctrl change the meaning of mouse presses (useful with touchscreens and mice with too few buttons).
  • Anti-aliasing can be enabled/disabled in the config file.
  • Window caption was missing.
  • You can now press the middle button to pan (a quite fun feature that was previously available only on Android), or use the mousewheel for far movement (down) or panning (up).
Download HyperRogue 4.3 here (Windows+source+music, 44MB); if you already have the music, you can download the version without music (1MB).

By the way, the next version of NotEye will have a Third Person Perspective mode. NotEye's FPP mode was mostly a joke to show the nonsense of the obsession with 3D in modern games, but the new TPP mode is something that looks quite well and is actually playable. Stay tuned!

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