Tuesday, 17 December 2013

HyperRogue 4.2 smoothly released!

It turns out that OpenGL works with the Minkowski hyperboloid too! As a result, HyperRogue 4.2 is released, using OpenGL for display, which works MUCH more smoothly than previous versions. In case of any problems, the non-OpenGL renderer is still available (run with the "-o" option or press F2 o to toggle), and without OpenGL, anti-aliasing can be turned on or off (F2 Shift+O).

Also, fixed a crash bug with Ivy plants — it affected the Android version (and thus was fixed in 4.1a for Android), not sure whether it affected the desktop version too.

To celebrate the smoother engine, a better looking Wolf has been added. I am happy with the current graphics, but if you are interested in making alternative vector-based art, we could work on it ;) Don't forget that you can press F6 to draw your own floors and player character. (In the Roguelike Radio episode 83, Kawa mentioned how the @ sign traditionally used in roguelikes can represent any kind of character that the player imagines. In HyperRogue, you can actually draw one! Well, the editor is very simple for now, colors are not supported yet.)

There are no gameplay changes. See the HyperRogue website for more information about HyperRogue.

I am still working on porting the changes to Android, hopefully the Android port will also run more smoothly soon.

As expected, you can now vote for Roguelike of the Year on ASCII Dreams. Don't forget to vote for HyperRogue, Hydra Slayer, and ADOM! If you want to support HyperRogue, bitcoin donations are now possible (not sure whether they work, though).

Download HyperRogue 4.2 here (Windows+source+music, 44MB); if you already have the music, you can download the version without music (1MB). Happy hacking!


  1. The F6 function seems verrrry interesting but I don't have the slightest clue how to draw anything ingame... I think you should post a tutorial (a video could be useful!) about it ;)

    1. Not sure whether a video would help much, as it is controlled with a keyboard... Start the game, press F6, then press 'n' to place the first point, then 'a' to place more points. Your player character should look differently now. You can also press 'f' to edit floors instead (you should probably stand on a heptagonal cell first, edit it, and then stand on a hexagonal cell and edit it too). For more features, there is a help screen (press F1 while in the F6 mode), but the options are not explained well. The editor is not very user-friendly either. :)