Sunday, 3 March 2013

NotEye 6.7 + Hydra Slayer 14.7: First Person Hex

Hydra Slayer in the Hex First Person Perspective
Yet another small update to both NotEye and Hydra Slayer.

The following things have been improved in NotEye 6.7:
  • When you choose the viewing mode before starting a game, it will be used each time. This is useful for roguelikes where you have to restart after each character. Also the config file is more versatile now regarding this.
  • Fixed a bug with the built-in terminal emulator (this bug caused messages to overlap while playing Crawl on Linux)
  • Freeformparams now have additional parameter, "side" (should we also display it when looking at it from the back? usually we do not want this, as these are the back sides of the walls etc., but sometimes we do) and "shiftdown" (should we shift the images to put the bottommost pixel of the image on the ground?)
  • FPP parameters now allow more control. Use (dx, dy, dz) to move the eye position slightly (I have moved it to the front, which sometimes allow us to see more). Use (objpush, monpush) to tell how much the objects and the monsters should be shifted. Use (xz, yz) for non-square grids.
As for Hydra Slayer 14.7:
  • Ambidextrous attacks now check for collapse (thanks to CCC for reporting this)
  • Hex no longer uses the far left/right columns (that was ugly)
  • The Brownian level generator did not work in the Hex mode
  • Some wrapping levels did not display correctly in the Hex mode
  • First-person perspective in the Hex mode (yes, non-square grids are useful!)
Download NotEye 6.7 + Hydra Slayer 14.7

Have fun slaying more Hydras!


  1. Hi there. I appreciate the effort you've put into this, but what happened to being able to set your own RGB values for the 16 colors ASCII mode uses? I can't stand the "correct" colors for what I want to do with it. I noticed it was possible in older versions of NotEye, (But alas, crippling issues with the numberpad makes the old version unusable.) so why was it abandoned?

    Long story short I would really like that. Or at least, I would like to be told if there is a super hidden way to modify them.

    Speaking of, why does this have bare minimum documentation? Learning how to use it and trying to learn what I could do with it was a nightmare.

    1. Hi,

      unfortunately, currently there is no easy way to change the colors. That would be an useful feature indeed, so I'll try to add something to the new version (I am currently leaving for a week, so it could be released in mid-May).

      As for the hard way, Frozen Depths ("games/frozen.noe") and Hydra Slayer ("games/hydra.noe") change the palette. You could look at one of these files, see how they do this (it is a long sequence of vgaset(...) lines), change the Hex values to use your own colors, and copy the result to "config.noe" (to affect all the games which do not modify the palette, or the specific game config if you want it in the specific game). (Colors are ordered like in EGA and the RGB values are in Hex, with the additional first digit which you can probably ignore). What game are you playing?

      I do not know what you mean by possible in older versions... I have not removed any features.

      Sorry about the lack of documentation, I know this is a very big problem and I understand that grasping it could be a nightmare. Also I do not know how exactly people use NotEye and what is causing problems. Could you tell me more?

  2. NotEye 2.2 on the old site had the capability to modify the 16 color palette to one's liking. (It also seemed to have simpler config files.)

    The issue mostly stems from not having any reference to what you can put into a config file and what you can't. Last I checked, what I can learn is what's already there, so I'm left to learn by example. It can be harrowing if I don't know where to check. (There's not much past the lack of custom colors and a user manual, this program has been pretty good so far.)

    And thanks for the workaround! I'll give that a try.

    (As for the game, I'm off to play DoomRL.)

    1. Oh, since I'm here talking about what could be, a way to save changes to the config from NotEye itself would be more intuitive than having to crack open wordpad and edit it yourself. (Just a simple "Save changes to config.noe" or something of the sort.) Having to learn that after making changes in-game, quitting, and restarting to see it all reverted isn't very nice, so having the option would be good.

    2. Ah right, NotEye is completely different since 3.0.

      Yes, I know that there should be an option to save the config. This is also a feature planned for the next version (although it is quite hard to design this feature well, since the user could want to set the options differently for various games... but hopefully I will find something).

      Thanks for your comments!

    3. If you can't figure out what to do now, might I suggest going for the basic solution and leave room for more complicated ways later? Options per game sounds nice, but hard to do.

      You're welcome. Thanks for the help.