Monday, 22 October 2012

NotEye 6.1 + Hydra Slayer 14.1

NotEye 6.1 + Hydra Slayer 14.1 is released!

Most of the changes in this version went into NotEye (I am working on ADOM and some of these features will be probably used there):
  • NotEye menu is now split into several submenus, so you no longer get one huge screen filled with options with strange hotkeys. This also makes it possible for game configurations to easily add their own options, and for config.noe to allow users to add their own menu options for quick access.
  • NotEye script refresh (previously Menu-F5, now Menu-DR) no longer breaks games with integrated NotEye support
  • Fixed a bug which caused crashes when selecting scaled fonts before selecting their original versions
  • isoparam now has an additional argument, useful for tilesets with non-square ratios
  • sfIItem (when used alone) is now done via tiletransform instead of caching an image (this is more effective and also no longer causes losses of quality due to double transformation)
  • Fixed the Brogue config which apparently did not work for some reason
  • tiletransform now works correctly with negative scaling factors (allowing script devs to do mirror images easily)
  • you can now compose recolorings if they are of different types (however, for backward compatibility, if recolorings composed were of the same type, the new recoloring replaces the old one)
  • "recMult" recoloring algorithm is now able to modify the alpha channel, so you can use it to create a transparent version of an image

Hydra Slayer got two minor changes: lower walls in the ISO mode (previously it was impossible to see scrolls and potions behind walls), and fixed spelling ("machete" instead of "machette").

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