Monday, 15 October 2012

Hydra Slayer version 14.0 (plus NotEye 6.0)


After some time, I have finally managed to work a bit on Hydra Slayer. Most of the work was on the Android port, but I have also found several big bugs in the desktop version, too. Here is the list of changes.
  • Fixed the bug which caused you to clear the further dungeons if you reloaded a game saved before the boss level.
  • Fixed the WEADZX keys for hex movement.
  • The slayer now looks differently when dead.
  • The hex mode uses the color theme similar to the new one (brown, not blue).
  • You no longer play the same game seed if you quit the current char and restart.
  • (NotEye) Fixed a crash bug when loading the game.
  • (pure console obtained by compiling the Hydra Slayer directly) Fixed problems with Curses calls. Fixed the auto-explore
  • (Android) Adjusted for the recent changes (13.1-13.9), including some of the new graphics, and the Tutorial. Long texts are now broken more reasonably. Better menu item names. The game shows you where you should touch to get the convenient menu.
There are no real changes in NotEye, except that missing functions have been added: noteye_mvaddstr, noteye_mvaddch, retBool, retStr (as requested by Ancient, thanks!). However, it seems that the work on the NotEye version of ADOM goes well :)

Download Hydra Slayer 14.0 + NotEye 6.0

Have fun slaying Hydras!

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