Saturday, 3 March 2012

Vapors of Insanity version 0.55

Time for a new release!

The previous release had several incomplete features and bugs. Some mouse movements which had an intuitive interpretation did not work, or worked not intuitively. This release polishes these, and of course contains many new improvements, for example, it has an improved keyboard interface too.

Mouse interface improvements:
  • Some clicks and draggings which did not work intuitively do now.
  • A 'pick up' button.
  • The big map now shows location names, and also can be used to view the World Map.
  • You can now see the names of objects when scanning the map with the mouse.
  • Shift/Ctrl-clicking the map for special meanings (shift+LMB for pick up, shift+RMB to automatically travel to a location).
  • Windows now display XP/Mana as numbers.
  • Mousewheel can now be used to scroll long texts and menus, and it no longer shows underlying 'windows'.

    Keyboard interface improvements:
  • The biggest change is that when pressing, e.g., 'e' to eat, you get a list of all matching objects nearby (potions and food, in this case); the same works for many other commands. This is faster and more consistent with other roguelikes.
  • Replaced 'w' to mean wear and 'W' to mean wield; since there are some people who think that these should be the same command, this is configurable as an option.
  • More convenient firing (for example, 'f'iring an unloaded crossbow results in an option to load it), and the 'L'oad command can now be used to put things into containers, zappers, sheathes etc.
  • The '?' key no longer shows a huge and hard to browse list of commands, since it has been split into several subcategories.

    General interface improvements:
  • Non-missile offensive spells are now cast on a nearby enemy/door/wall by default.
  • You can now configure how direction keys work (turn-or-move, turn-and-move, or relative to facing direction).
  • Action runes (and their auras) now have colors depending on whether they are powered.
  • Quivers you find will come pre-configured (which also makes you immediately know the contents).
  • Added some more formulae explaining calculations if requested.
  • Improved and fixed armor/weapon replacement menus.
  • Hashing icons for faster graphics.

  • Hybrid villages. These are filled by a unique randomly generated race.
  • Everything can now be used by wielding it (previously you had to wear armor to use its special powers, and now you can also wield it, sacrificing the ability to wield a weapon; I think this increases the depth a bit).
  • You can now play with the stuff of paralyzed beings.
  • Fixed the power of some armor enchantments. Weapons of phasing (DAM/2, huge WC bonus). Strengthened some Protective enchantments. Randarts can have these powers now.
  • Runes of strength/dexterity are now more likely and more powerful on armors.
  • Amulets of the hand and mounted horses delayed to later levels.
  • Only humanoids can mount now. Not items made for humanoids.

    Other improvements:
  • Improved the Manual, which is now also available as a file, and online.
  • As usual, some other texts and icons have been improved too.
  • VaporGS improvements: a convenient system for creating methods depending on several objects. Improvements in the priority system (we can now write A < B < C).
  • Fixed lots of bugs (tutorial, menus, useless question when looking at targetting help, memorizing books, mounted, some usages, forget confirmation).
  • And lots of minor improvements!

    Get it here and have fun. Good luck!

    1. I want to use the larger tiles on my 1366x768 laptop, could you add widescreen support please?

    2. Have you tried editing vapors.ini and changing "screen 80,30" to "screen 84,24"? (which is 1366/16,768/32)

      My netbook has a 1280x800 screen and thus VoI is configured to automatically try 80x25 when 80x30 fails, but that's still too much for 1366x768. :)