Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Vapors of Insanity 0.53

Version 0.53 of Vapors of Insanity is hereby released!

Unfortunately I have not worked much on VoI recently, due to lack of time (I have worked a bit on my other roguelike projects though, Necklace of the Eye + Hydra Slayer, and Hyperbolic Rogue which seems to have turned out to be much more popular than I expected). Still, I have made some progress, and since there is currently a discussion on Bay 12 Games Forum about VoI, I have decided that I should release what I have instead of waiting until I have time to develop more. I am quite tired now, but I hope nothing is seriously broken.

OK, so the changelog for Version 0.53 follows...

  • When you try to start a new game, you are told that you should try the tutorial, and how.
  • You can now have several saved games, and see a list of them. Also this works in a more logical manner now.
    Playerfiles (*.apf) are now correctly linked to saved games (universe files, *.auh): their names now include universe names (to avoid collision) and are deleted together with them.
  • Four directional movement works now.
  • You can now select geometry (four-directional, hex, eight-directional) from the main menu.
  • Input is now configurable. Currently you can switch to VI keys, and have more or less confirmations.
  • Provided icons for vortices, vests and armors, skills, usages, actions, potions and elements, etc.
  • Rune of Draining, which allows you to cast spells from sources other than your own mana.
  • Spell of Charging, Spell of Zap.
  • Rune of Anchoring has been renamed to Spell of Tagging, and is now a spell that can be cast at enemies (but also resisted).
  • Improved the balance for the "spray" spell.
  • Diaries are more frequent now, and they have a random thing/monster picture on their covers.
  • The ordering in the list of actions ('?') is better now.
  • Runes no longer work on non-spells.
  • Fixed bug with melting doors with locks.
  • Fixed missing parameters for some potions.
  • Sponge spell now can steal potions from inside vials and dragon breath.
  • Fixed designs. Fixed chasm arrows.
  • Fixed a bug with stacking target signs which caused stack overflow.
  • Priority assigner in VaporGS. For now, used for initializer scripts, but all method priorities are planned to use it.
  • Shift+F2 thoroughly analyzes icons now.
  • Internal icon names are more standarized now.
  • Wishing cheat improved. Can generate specific books, or bottles and cauldrons with specific potions now.
  • Asking for a VaporGS symbol (mQSymbol) improved.
  • Books are now methplexes as everything else.

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