Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hydra Slayer 13.0 + NotEye 3.1

Hydra Slayer version 13.0 and Necklace of the Eye 3.1 are released!

This version of Hydra Slayer introduces bloody hydras, which are just like normal hydras, except that you don't know their type, resistances, or susceptibilities. Two of them should appear before the first boss, and more should appear randomly later.

Additionally, Potions of Knowledge can now provide "real" information instead of just hints: they can fully identify bloody hydras, and suggest three first attacks when you are under a shadow hydra attack.

The graphical (NotEye) version has been updated. Whole game should be mouse controllable now (this includes all the menus, and all gameplay actions). Also the hydra slayer picture is now displayed in the main menus, hydra list has been moved to the top left corner in the FPP mode, and the hex mode is centered better.

Also a bug with Ambidexterity + sword + axe has been fixed, and Trollish inventory now displays free keys even if the inventory is almost empty (potentially helpful for mouse users).

I have not tested it very thoroughly, but I hope there are no big bugs.

As a side result there has been a minor update to NotEye:

  • NotEye menus now can be controlled with a mouse.
  • NotEye no longer lags as a result of moving the mouse.
  • drawtile function has been introduced, so you can now draw individual tiles without creating a screen.
  • Some other minor technical changes.
  • As mentioned above, Hydra Slayer 13.0 is included, and its noe file is updated.

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