Tuesday, 8 March 2016

HyperRogue 8.2

After a quite long wait, a new version of HyperRogue is ready! Compared to HyperRogue 8.1, 8.2 introduces two new lands with treasures, a new variant of Crossroads, and two new modes.

The Warped Coast is a new coastal land, based on a different grid, composed out of heptagons and triangles. The enemies here, the Ratlings, only move when you move. These two rules work together quite well, making this land quite different. The Warped Coast unlocks at 30 $$$.

The Rose Garden is full of dangerous beauty. The rosebushes have deadly thorns and irresistible scent, which is so beautiful that it forces most creatures to move towards them. On the other hand, the Rose Beauties are so beautiful that you cannot force yourself to attack them. There are ways to kill them, though... The Rose Garden unlocks at 60 $$$.

The Crossroads IV is a new layout of Crossroads, which has no walls. It unlocks at 200 $$$.

Version 8.2 also introduces the heptagonal mode, where the whole game is played on a grid made of heptagons only. As we already know from the Euclidean mode, if we replace the heptagons with hexagons, we get a flat Euclidean world -- but if we go the other way, and replace the hexagons with heptagons, we get an even more curved hyperbolic world, where less steps are required to witness the effects of hyperbolic geometry. All the lands work in this mode with only minor modifications -- for the lands based on hexagon/heptagons distinction, such as the Red Rock Valley, Clearing, or Graveyard, a pattern of "pseudoheptagons" is used, which works similar to heptagons in the normal HyperRogue grid.

In the chaos mode, lands change very often, and there are no walls between them. Some lands are incompatible with this -- this includes all the Crossroads variants (since they become quite redundant), and all lands based on large shapes, such as equidistants, large circles and horocycles (except Temple of Cthulhu and Ocean beach, which have their chaotic variants with a part of their features). Chaos mode is unlocked by reaching Crossroads IV, and there is an achievement for getting 300 $$$ there.

The Hypersian rug mode allows you to play HyperRogue on a 3D surface. This is an isometric embedding: equal distances in HyperRogue's world are represented by equal distances on the surface. To fit all the visible part of HyperRogue's world in such a way, the surface must be very twisted...

The Hypersian rug surface is similar to the one which is obtained from HyperRogue's paper model creator, or by hyperbolic crocheting. To me, it also strongly resembles lettuce... The photo also includes a sandworm, and some HyperRogue T-shirts. Thanks to tehora for the sandworm, crocheting, and ideas for the Rose Garden!

Have fun!

Note: to make the new features of 8.2 (triheptagonal grid and rose scent) work, there have been big architectural changes in movement and attacking. Everything seems to work correctly, but there might be some special cases -- if something could move or attack somewhere but it no longer can, it is possibly a bug. Please report here!

More small changes in 8.2:

  • new floor graphics for Euclidean/heptagonal mode
  • pure heptagonal mode fixes/balances: compass earlier, weakened closing plates, balanced the Princess Quest, sealands should no longer be generated on beaches
  • activating the Palace Quest in the Overview while cheating teleports you to Princess (instead of an empty land)
  • fixed the mirrors in shmup mode: shards taken outside of mirror land no longer count, knives breaking mirrors/mirages are mirrored now, mirrors/mirages created by mirrors worked incorrectly
  • birds now can fly over the Red Rock Valley
  • friendly creatures are now better at stabbing
  • in the map editor, hotkeys were replaced by searching for a given word
  • you can no longer push thumper on a boat
  • Hypersian Rug mode: Home/End keys
  • Crossroads in PTM didn't mirrors
  • slight color changes, to help the colorblind people
Changelogs for patches are first reported on the Steam forums.


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