Saturday, 24 October 2015

Necklace of the Eye 8.2

Hereby,version 8.2 of NotEye, and version 16.2 of Hydra Slayer, is released!

NotEye was silent during the last year, but in fact, while I have spent most of my time on HyperRogue, I have been also working on NotEye as a part of ADOM -- so ADOM always had the most recent version, but the official NotEye was not updated. Now it is high time for release, and hopefully, the long-awaited release of ADOM on Steam will come soon too!

The update to Hydra Slayer is mostly caused by the update to NotEye -- other than that, just one bug with mouse is fixed. Anyway, if you like Hydra Slayer, or want it to be updated, please vote for it on Steam Greenlight! After HyperRogue was accepted for Steam, both its free and paid versions were hugely improved, and hopefully a similar thing will happen for Hydra Slayer. So whether you are willing to buy the Steam version of Hydra Slayer or you are just a fun, Hydra Slayer's presence on Steam will be great for you! :)

Also, the websites for NotEye and Hydra Slayer have been improved.

Download the new version of NotEye from its download page -- you can download either NotEye+Hydra Slayer, or a Windows bundle with several games preconfigured to work with NotEye -- or just download ADOM, that's definitely recommended too. Have fun! :)

The changelog follows.
  • It is now possible to use True Type fonts for the NotEye interface, which allows it to look more modern. NotEye defaults to use the True Type version of DejaVu Sans now, but old fonts are still available :)
  • Improved handling of crashes -- if the NotEye script crashes, there is a bigger chance of getting an useful message, with options which sometimes allow you to fix the problem.
  • Improved the configuration files.
  • Even when using diagonal combos, it is possible to repeat keys by holding them.
  • NotEye starts much more cleanly now -- the window is opened just once now (previously it has been opened and changed several times while the configuration was read).
  • (Hydra Slayer) Fixed the mouse handling in the race selection screen.
  • More efficient reading data of subprocesses in Linux (DoomRL did not work correctly in Linux)
  • Window position is remembered
  • Fixed a bug in some game configurations which prevented starting another game later
  • Fixed the config for the 'hide the mouse pointer' feature.
For developers:
  • Improved support for TrueType fonts: markup, which allows to change styles or insert images in text
  • Streaming data to a string -- this also allows the screen to be restored after NotEye crashes in NotEye-integrated games
  • fixed Shift+D in samples, arrows in Lua sample
  • added the Hydra Slayer trailer (disabled without editing sources, though)
  • deleted object IDs are reassigned
  • displaying messageboxes, getting the HWND of the NotEye window in MS Windows

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