Thursday, 4 June 2015

HyperRogue: pirates, rocks and knives

HyperRogue 7.0 is released on Steam!

This version has the following major new features:
Ever wanted to know how a game with smooth space and time would work in the hyperbolic plane? Well, I did. But why create a new game when I could just port HyperRogue instead? The Shoot'em Up mode tries to follow the normal turn-based HyperRogue, but it is not longer turn based, and not longer grid based. Not all features are ported (it would be rather hard to do non-turn-grid-based Living Caves...), and not all of them work exactly the same way (for example, Orbs of Life give you an extra life instead of a friend). Anyway, this is almost a new game :) This is still a bit experimental, so not everything is balanced yet.
Caribbean is the new land, unlocked when you collect 60$$$. The sea is filled with sharks, and islands inhabited by pirates. They take their boats and pursue you...
Islands are horocycles (infinite circles). Great treasures are buried somewhere far from the coast. Luckily, compasses point you towards the center.
Red Rock Valley is another new land, unlocked when you have 60$$$, 10 of which must be Spice. It is a more advanced version of the Desert. Snakes move as fast as you, but they can only move on hexes, not on heptagonal cells. It is possible to kill them with their own tails, which allows you to climb their rocky bodies to get to the treasures.
Crossroads II is an alternate layout of the Crossroads. It is denser and more regular.

Also, HyperRogue 6.6 is released for free!

So you are now able to bring life to the Dead Caves, witness the network of parallel lines in the Vineyard, lead the Hyperbug armies against each other in the Hive, fight enemies using various kinds of special attacks in the Emerald Mine, infinite descending sequences of circles in the Temple of Cthulhu, look for the Holy Grail hidden in the center of the Round Table in Camelot, fight with magic in the Land of Power, for free! The Android versions will be updated later.

Also, if you like my games, please vote for Hydra Slayer on Steam Greenlight!

Have fun!

A more detailed changelog on HyperRogue 7.0:
  • Hardcore mode, which disables the checkmate rule. No achievements yet.
  • Fixed the temperatures: melting points for Sages and Frozen Lakes are as expected now. Also, Wolves no longer leave Icy Lands/Cocytus, and heat is transferred correctly between Icy Lands and Cocytus (just a small effect, though).
  • Refactored monster movement a bit, for the purpose of Shmup mode. Hopefully this does break anything (though that I see that Vine Spirits no longer camp near to Wines).
  • Jungle and the Land of Mirrors will no longer appear next to the Land of Eternal Motion, to prevent Eagles from attacking you there by surprise.
  • Demon Daisy generation rate is fixed.
  • More monster types in the Crossroads.
  • Pheromones restricted.
  • You can no longer go over the cap with orb powers received from the Orb of Yendor/Holy Grail (otherwise Orb of Space could allow some exploits by bringing lots of Orb of Yendor together and unlocking them all at once).
  • Talking to knights outside of Camelot no longer crashes the game.
  • A message is now given when trying to attack an escaping Tentacle (just like for other cases of Tentacles).
  • You can no longer drop Dead Orbs while moving through a wall.
  • Headers should now be always shown in the local scoreboard.
  • Local highscores are now available for other game modes (Euclidean, hardcore only, and Shmup).
  • (technical) Stats for translations, some comments (just a few) added to the source.
  • big statues are no longer so cold
  • (7.0a) fixed Orb of Safety in the shmup mode
  • (7.0a) fixed euclidean Camelot
  • (7.0a) monsters now can drown in the sea
  • (7.0a) Winter Witches and fire-resistant orbs should no longer burn in certain situations
  • (7.0a) top text brighter in Red Rock Valley
  • (7.0b) removed spam for snakes on water, they can no longer go over LoEM
  • (7.0b) fixed the music file
  • (7.0b) added the missing line "You are killed by..." to the translation
  • (7.0c) Added some markers for heptagons
  • (7.0c) Made Compasses not appear in there is another one in radius 2
  • (7.0c) Fixed buggy Camelots appearing next to Caribbean.
  • (7.0c) Fixed Orbs of Space not triggering the Game Over after you execute your only move which was moving a treasure.
  • (7.0c) Fixed Orbs of Yendor not moved correctly with OoS/boats.
  • (7.0d) Fixed the starting land.
  • (7.0d) Fixed the mimics' target markers.
  • (7.0d) Fixed the Hyperstone Quest message ordering.
  • (7.0d) RRV was too dark in non-Escher modes; also brightened the Vineyard and Dead Caves, and made Fire in RRV look better.
  • (7.0f) Running Dog are generated on chasms again (and thus their trails look correctly)
  • (7.0f) Red/dark trolls no longer do almost exactly the same.
  • (7.0f) Eagle attack has been fixed (do not kill the player on their second move in the Hardcore mode, and no "confused" message in non-hardcore)
  • (7.0f) Rock Snakes now attack Golems, Hyperbugs, and Illusions
  • (7.0f) Fixed some bugs with the Shmup mode: Orb of Yendor could be collected without the Key; Orb power is drained quickly when you have an Orb of Speed (just as in the normal HR); picking up items while using an Orb of Invisibility turned you visible just for a single frame; Orb of Shielding were not consumed if you also had Orb of Time
  • (7.0f) added the achievements for collecting the Orb of Yendor in the new modes (hardcore, shmup)
  • (7.0f) added the leaderboards for the shmup mode. Total treasure is counted, and for winners, time and the number of knife throws are recorded (I think it is feasible to win with the perfect score of 0 knife throws)
  • (7.0f) added a new emoticon "pirate" and some backgrounds, for Steam
  • (7.0g) Burning tentacle spam removed.
  • (7.0g) The shmup welcome message is translated.
  • (7.0g) The "evil stars" (in hellish lakes) no longer can cover a passable spot, and the frequency of lakes has been reduced slightly, to make the Yendor quest easier.
  • (7.0h) Fixed a bug which could have caused the game to start in the purple land and cheat mode.
  • (7.0i) Fixed moving the Key with the Orb of Space.
  • (7.0i) You can now target with mouse and use joystick in the shmup mode. You can now rotate instantly with mouse/joystick, while it was impossible before, but I think it is better that way.

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