Tuesday, 7 April 2015

HyperRogue 6.5

HyperRogue is still alive! No new lands or other new big features in HyperRogue 6.5, but there were several small improvements:
  • Hyperbugs no longer die on attack. Also, they are more likely to target you if you have collected lots of Royal Jellies. This should make it somewhat harder to achieve very high scores there (I think there is no need to remove any scores, but I can remove your score if you want).
  • Fire Cultist attack now causes books to burn (not that it matters much...). On the other hand, some orbs are now invulnerable to fire (previously one specific orb did not burn, which was intentional, but it happened in one specific situation, which was misleading).
  • Sometimes scores were not submitted to the Steam Leaderboards due to connection problems, hopefully it should be more robust now.
  • The local scoreboard (ESC-t) has been improved: more types of scores can be checked, and you can press 't' to ask for a specific score type easily. Additionally, Miner kills and some Orbs are saved now (they were not saved previously).
  • Some minor problems with the Euclidean mode have been fixed: Great Walls disappearing when using Orb of Safety on the Crossroads; Orb of Winter graphics; scrolling and rotation (arrows, Page Up, Page Down) are working correctly now.
  • Using an Orb of Safety in Camelot/Temple no longer causes a crash (it was possible only in the Cheat mode, anyway).
  • One bug in the Polish translation fixed.
HyperRogue 6.5 is currently available on Steam and should be soon available on Google Play. Have fun!


  1. little buggy. Game crashes even on lockscreen

    1. You mean the Android version? Well, if I understand you correctly, the problem here is that the philosophies of HyperRogue and Android are somewhat incompatible: HyperRogue keeps all the generated world in the memory -- except for Orb of Safety/Game Over it never forgets, you could always return to the old locations if you remembered the way -- and Android kills apps in the background to regain their RAM. HyperRogue is the natural target, as it takes lots of memory. Saving the hyperbolic world on exit is quite impractical due to the huge size and the sophisticated structure of the world. But I will see if there are any workarounds possible...

    2. yes I meant the Android version. You fast response is very valuable thanks for actually care.

      After the recent update this seems to be fixed, I can take brakes in one game and that was the point:) Also new worlds are great! (I've only played the 5.5 before)

    3. Great that it works now. Thanks!