Thursday, 2 October 2014

NotEye 8.1 + Hydra Slayer 16.1

After a long break, NotEye 8.1 is released!

The biggest change here is porting NotEye to SDL2. The major advantage of this is that NotEye should run much more smoothly now, which should be visible now. In the future, it should be easier to port to modern hardware such as iOS or Android, or to create games with many windows. This required lots of work to achieve — for example, SDL2 input handling is very different from the SDL one. I suppose the new handling is usually convenient for game developers, but it makes things much more complicated for frontends such as NotEye, which have to simulate the system console of Windows or Linux, or to communicate with libtcod (which still uses SDL 1.2).

More changes include:
  • An OSX package is provided. You can now enjoy Hydra Slayer on a Mac!
  • Tile transformations are cached (tilemapping). Another solution which greatly improves the efficiency of NotEye.
  • Added more sizes of the minifont (used for the minimap in ASCII mode). Thanks to Asmerillion on the Polish roguelike forums for the files. Also the font selection menu has been split into two submenus.
  • Supports changing of mouse cursors and window icons. DOS mouse cursor is simulated in the fullscreen ASCII mode.
  • NotEye now supports TrueType fonts, modal windows, and special input codes (sent to the integrated game, but not corresponding to real keys). These are currently used only by ADOM.
  • I have decided to remove the RogueBard music from the official NotEye package. It is still included in the Bundle version, though.
  • The new sounds for Hydra Slayer are finished (well, for now at least). Thanks to Brett Cornwall for the new sounds!
In case you wonder where is NotEye 8.0: NotEye is intensively developed as a part of ADOM. The latest closed releases of ADOM (r48-50) use NotEye 8.0. There have been some changes since then, so this is NotEye 8.1.

Downloads: Have fun!


  1. Hello Zeno Rogue.
    I've encountered a problem with mouse controls in the latest Hydra Slayer version. Mouse clicking doesn't seem to work in some places for example in the main menu. I can acess all the other submenus and options by clicking the left mouse button just fine, but on the main menu I have to use the keyboard. Also after I start the game the right mouse button stops working. I cant't do things like picking up equipment or using the stairs. Again, I have to use the keyboard. I've loaded up the previous version of Hydra Slayer, the 15.1 and there the mouse works just fine. Any ideas?

    1. Yeah, sorry, obviously I have not tested the mouse handling in Hydra Slayer, and it was completely broken. Thanks for reporting!

      Here is a quick fix: -- replace the "hydra.noe" in the "games" subdirectory.

    2. Thank You for the quick response and a solution. Glad I could help.

  2. One more minor problem - everything works now except the sound/gfx settings option in the main menu accesable with F4. I still can't acces these options by clicking. Sorry for nitpicking but it's the first thing I tried clicking after applying the fix and for a moment I thought it still wasn't working but like I said earlier, everything else is fine now.

    1. Thanks, fixed this too (redownload hydra.noe).

      I see that mouse still does not work in the NotEye game selection menu (not shown if you are running Hydra Slayer directly), I still have to fix that.