Sunday, 2 March 2014

HyperRogue 4.4

HyperRogue 4.4 is released!

The changes are most visible on Android. Music is included (so the apk is 8MB -- if you liked the small apk without music, there is also HyperRogue Lite). You can now save the game by collecting an Orb of Safety -- basically, if you leave the game after picking up such an orb (while its power is still active), the game will continue when you restart HyperRogue. (Orb of Lightning's animation has been moved to Orb of Safety; Orbs of Lightning use a new sparkling animation.)

There is also a new paid version of HyperRogue for Android, named HyperRogue Gold -- buy this if you want to support HyperRogue :) To make it include something which is not included in the free version, HyperRogue Gold also includes some cheats.

Of course, saving (after taking an Orb of Safety) has been added to the desktop version, too :) You can download HyperRogue 4.4 with music (44 MB), with low-quality music (NEW! - 8 MB, graphics are not affected), and without music (1 MB).

Go to the HyperRogue website

Happy slashing!


  1. I like the music, I just wish there was an option to turn it off...

    1. Thanks for the comment! There is such an option -- just reduce the "background music volume" to 0. This can be done quickly by pressing v or F2, then Shift+B 6 times (assuming that the default of 60 was previously chosen).

    2. In the reply above I have assumed that you mean the desktop version. For Android: most Android devices have volume up/down buttons, and a general systemwide setting for "Music, video, games, & other media volume" or something like this. Both should work with HyperRogue.

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