Tuesday, 15 October 2013

NotEye 7.3

NotEye 7.3+Hydra Slayer 15.3 is released!

NotEye 7.3 has the following changes visible to players. You can see them in Hydra Slayer 15.3, as well as in ADOM Prerelease 17, which is coming soon to donors!
  • Some crash bugs in NotEye 7.2 have been fixed.
  • The display does not jump to center of the new player position immediately—instead, it moves smoothly.
  • Smooth character movement animations in games which support it, such as Hydra Slayer or ADOM. There are some issues with it, but still, I think it is a nice feature.
  • Auto-scrolling, manual scrolling, and movement animation speeds are configurable.
  • OpenGL is now automatically turned on in the FPP mode (this previously worked in ADOM, and has been moved to NotEye).
  • Fixed a problem with out-of-window mouse on Mac (thanks to jt).
  • Ctrl+wheel zooming has a limit now.
  • The Minimap now tends to use the reserve lines if they were allocated.
For those who want to use NotEye for their own games, there are also some more technical changes:
  • Noteye uses Vector and Rectangle structures now (see vectors.noe), instead of {x=, y=} or {x0=, y0=, x1=, y1=} structures. This makes some code more elegant (we no longer need to do the same thing for X and Y coordinates separately).
  • Adjustments for the Roguelike Bundle: NotEye detects if it is a part of the Bundle, and adjusts its menus accordingly.
  • Added "pickinteger"/"pickbool" functions to make it easier to write user config files (config-GAME.noe).
  • Redesigned the display system. Most of the functions have changed.
  • FPP mode now accepts floating point coordinates of the origin.
  • Fixed spFree ordering in the non-OpenGL FPP mode (it is now drawn after spFloor/spCeil).
  • I have started some refactoring (to reduce the number of global variables), but this is still a work in progress.
  • Some of the changes above are not backward compatible (old game.noe files would not work with the new version). The file "backward.noe" is supposed to list what has changed, and apply fixes for old game.noe files.
You can download NotEye+Hydra Slayer (Windows binary+source) here (~8 MB), or the Roguelike Bundle Draft v1.2 (Windows, 20 MB) with more games included which work out of the box.

Have fun!

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