Sunday, 16 December 2012

NotEye 6.3 and Hydra Slayer 14.3

As an early Christmas gift, I have improved some things in NotEye and Hydra Slayer. Maybe nothing groundbreaking yet, but enough for a release :)

Changes to NotEye 6.3:
  • provided error handling to NotEye-integrated roguelikes (such as "Sample Roguelike" and ADOM); a script crash in these will now show a menu (continue playing, play in a safe mode, reload the script)
  • adjusted the Brogue config to Oryx's animated tiles
  • OpenGL disabled by default (it causes problems in some circumstances, I think it is better to turn it off by default just in case; you will probably want to turn it on when using FPP)
  • Text over tiles displays faster now
  • fixed some minor bugs related to server/client
  • quickshots disabled by default (i.e., taking screenshots with F2; edit config.noe if you want this option)
  • provided a script to automatically discard music when not used
  • added some preliminary work to clean up the memory (although it is not really used yet, except when an error causes NotEye to reload completely)
  • screenshot and getpixel now work in the OpenGL mode
  • OpenGL mode scaled textures incorrectly on some machines, this should be fixed
  • Added a "fadeoutmusic" function which does just that

Changes to Hydra Slayer 14.3:
  • Previously, when used against huge hydras, Rune of Growth matched your largest divisor. Now, it also works with your Eradicator and similar weapons, if you do not have any divisors, although not very well (that would be too easy).
  • Fixed a crash when ambidextrous attacks against mushrooms (thanks for Peter Brogan for reporting this!)
  • Two achievements added: "Don't Divide and Conquer" (win without attacking with any divisor blades) and "Power is for the Weak" (don't drink your first potion of power juice).
I have confirmed that both new achievements are winnable (with Human and Centaur, respectively, and before beefing up the Rune of Growth). Such challenge games are great if you find the small game too easy. You are invited to invent new ones :)

You can download NotEye+Hydra Slayer here. If you want to try Brogue, configuring it from the scratch is quite difficult, so you might prefer to download the all-in-one package instead, which works out of the box.

As usual at this time of the year, you can vote for Roguelike of the Year 2012. Please vote for ADOM, Brogue, Hydra Slayer, and HyperRogue :)

Have fun playing roguelikes during the holidays!

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