Sunday, 6 May 2012

yet another bugfix: HyperRogue 3.4

Some more minor bugs have been found, so HyperRogue 3.4 is released.
  • Eagles now can kill your friends only in their first move (it was illogical that they could kill you only in the first move, but your friends in both moves)
  • You can no longer be possesed by Ghosts, Seeps, Slimes, and Ivies while using an Orb of Shielding (thanks for ortoslon to noticing this bug)
  • Slimes and Ghosts will now attack your friends
  • Slime color under items is no longer displayed (it was irrelevant)
  • You can now drop dead orbs into slime to change its color
  • Compiling: you can now remove "#define GFX" in graph.cpp if you have no access to SDL_gfx and/or don't want graphics; some fixes to the Mac makefile (but I am still not sure whether it works)
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